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First exam in the books, second exam 100, quiz =3 of 3.
09/15/04 2:26 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Hello all, this is great. I took my first college Math exam and I feel like I did really well on it. Not only do I feel like I did well but I know I at least aced the sucka. Good times here in college. Well, hmm... I am fairly tired but I am trying something different out today. I am laying down in my bed right now just typing this up. I will not proof rea dit tonight, but I shall tomorrow. I just wanted to post a nice juicy update for today so I guesshere goes.

There are lots of place which I can start, but I think I will just go off of this morning... hmm better yet, Sunday evening shall be better. So on Monday morning I had a ton of homework due for my Math class. Nothing too hard but it was just a lot of work. I just had to do about forty problems and study for the test which we have on Tuesday. So I took it today and as I have already posted I feel like I did well on it. Before the big Math test I had my class of MIS 111. The kick-ass part about that class today was not only did I get extra credit for staying in class but I also got three out of three points on the quiz which is just awe. After that I went to the Student Union to get lunch. Today I just got a sandwhich on a croissant with turkey and avacado. I love avacado. I think I am making errors and it is really bugging me because I am just free typing. Well... after eating part of my sandwhich I decided to play DDR. Since it is under neath the SUMC I figured it would be no big deal. Well since I was wearing sandals I decided to play bare foot for the first time in my life. Bad Idea Chaz. Not only do I have these two huge BLISTERS on the bottom of my feet, but my feet feel like hell and I am not pleased with the feeling.

I typed up my English paper so fast that it turned out horrible, but was enough for what I needed for calss today. We didn't really do anything but chit chat which was really cool but still we were not productive which makes me upset. :( IKNOW RIFFGHT! I left class and decided to play more DDR, did that -- feet were cool. Then I picked up a WildCat which was cool and traveled back to the dorms.

Upon entering my room Joe had a friend over doing something like homework I think. HAHA! Funny sentence. Elise was her name and Joe was pretty much doing all of the work and she was just sitting there. I rea dthe paper and looked online for something cool to do since she was sitting in my chair, I substitued my speaker as a stool to sit on. That was fun for a while until she left which was good because I got my chair back. Damn I really need to go to my storage and get my old stool out of there that IO have. Joe and I shared some music for a while and went to Silver Mine for lunch. Since I had just eaten at the Student Union I decided to get a sandwhich for later on which was damn good when I ate it. . See Joe and I have this thing where we get magnets from this place every time we visit. So far we have 52 magnets and counting (52). Our goal is to fill the entire door, the refridgerator and even the microwave before the end of the year. Joe left for class which had left me all by myself bored. I did my BAD 112 Exam Unit A and got a 100% on it which was leet. Then I was going to take another test but Stephanie and Emily asked me if I wanted to go out to eat with them. Of course, I complied and went to eat some Chick-Fila with them. After that I had decided to play DDR again which was totally pwnage. I did so fucking well that it was unbelievable. The best part about tonight was I actually beat the game for the first time in my life.

After that something amazing happened. I met these three men who were just awesome. Art, Mike and Rick. They are all college ministers but they were the most down to earth people who were really cool and talked with me for a while. The best part about it was they were not trying to force a religion or give me their long spiel over whatever they do. I set up a time to meet with Art on Thursday which will be fun.

Ok, I'm tired, and this is full of errors BLEH. Take it because I will fix it tomorrow and maybe go into more detail about other things that occured today.

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It's like this and like that and like this and like that.
09/13/04 1:46 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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OK, enough of this, hahahaha. Guess what here goes the big Fuck You.

Sup everyone, much <3 to my homies... pour out a little liquor for Dakkon there for he is out in San Diego or where ever in Cali we chatted last night. He is actually like a brother since he sold books too and shared pictures with me which was so sweet.

Last night was cool, I stayed up all night doing Math Homework. WOAH, SUHWEET. Oh here is another funny thing I did... Ok so Margo lives in front of me... well she comes in sometimes and uses our microwave to heat up her wax. Well, the last time she did it, I had heard that it was excruciating pain so I thought it would be cool to try. Turns out, it didn't feel like anything really, the hair was not that big of a deal (did it on my leg). So I had came up with this awesome idea and waited almost a week for 'Wax Day'. The idea was to cut out a star from the wax paper and wax a star of hair off my leg. Not quite, when we tried it... Joe tried first, well his ripped in awkward directions which the end result resembled nothing close to a star. Ok so then it was my turn, I thought I had it figured out too. Turns out... no avail again. I figured that if one of us pulled from each of the corners, then it would come out perfect.

What happened was the star did not rip out perfectly as planned. Instead it had ended up looking like this blob of hair missing on my leg. Ok, plan b... since there was still wax covering a section of my leg, I grabbed the remainding piece of paper and slapped it on my leg, after pressing down for a few seconds I ripped it off with all my might. I definitely showed no shame/mercy. It was cool though, there was no pain like everyone 'claims' there is. So now I have two sections on my right leg that feel so smooth. Wow, I will probably never touch wax again but it is something to say I've done.

There is the funny story of the night. I ended up staying up all night since we were out on a mission to find pink dogs with white dots. Victoria's Secret... come on, everyone knows that. :) Anyways, to make this story a little funnier, my room mate Joe and I were running around campus trying to find these little bastard dogs. We ended up with about 4-5 or so... anyways, we were doing secret missions and what not. We were dead bolt sprinting from cars, fraternity houses, sorority houses, etc... Good times must I say, good times. Then Joe left and decided to go home while I ventured out solo to look for more dogs. These little dogs were no where to be found, I swear. I did not find a single one of them after we had found our nice stash.

I did mass homework last night but still have more to go as well as a meeting to attend do in about 5 hours, so I'm going to catch some sleep and hopefully I'll get a phone call to wake my booty up. PE@CE OUT GUYS

A few Pics you know

I'll post more about them later, but in short what you see are some pics of me and some pics of Tennessee, SUMMER PICS COMING SOON!

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I have nothing else to do, literally.
09/12/04 4:09 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Wow, a good weekend so far! Ok, well I'll go ahead and start off with last night. Friday night this is -- not Saturday, not yet anyways.

It was a good day so far, classes were easy only had two to go to, nothing really important. Then 4:30 strolls around, Sandy calls me. Ok, Sandy is the Program Director for Youth on Their Own. I told them I was going to do this Beach Blast party, last one of the summer for them. Turns out, this Friday was the night of the big party. Well, I had a RHA (Residence Hall Assistance) meeting at 5:30 to 6:00 or so. She said that was perfect, because she had to pick me up (still have not fixed the car) and my meeting was over the time she arrived. She had told me that she had to get this girl named Noni and Luis. I was like, alright... cool, let's just get there soon so I can start selling tickets. She asked me to go because they wanted me to sell tickets to everyone who was there. These raffle tickets were 10 dollars a piece for a 7 day Mexican Riveria Cruz on the Carnival Ride somewhere in Long Beach, California. Anyways, I told her I would sell them and ended up selling about 30 of these damn tickets which was so much easier than selling books.

OK, so I skipped a little bit, that is why I love this journal. BACK UP -- REWIND. When we got there I saw Sherry. She is a former graduate of Youth on Their Own as well as a cool girl. Well, I remember back at the Triangle Y-Camp when I first met her she had a boyfriend (Justin) and was really sweet. I knew she would be a down-to-earth girl and just a chill person to hang out with. Turns out, she is. hoho -- as if I would post something where I am wrong on the website right? Hehehe, yea... right. Anyways, I saw her with her friend Stephanie and they were also volunteering to do the same thing. They were selling different raffle tickets though and I believe they did better than Luis and I. So we do that for a few hours, caught up with all the people and I applied everything I learned from selling books to these prospects.

Well, a friend of mine messaged me and we chatted for a bit and went over a website that he is designing, so I am going to start off a new paragraph going on from where I left off without proof reading what I have already typed. Owned sucka's. :)

Alright, so I've just spent the longest time reading someone else's journal and finally putting together a rebuttle which was suppose to be posted yesterday, however; I didn't want to throw it in today's post so I just dated it as yesterday in a new post. Bleh, enough. So I've had some awesome times and then some even better times since I've been out here. Really after that Beach Blast Party, it made me realize some things for this one girl who shall remain nameless for now. Barb, you'd love this.... clue - Rioth lol. Anyways, we chilled for the longest time, went out to Wendy's and I bought her a stuffed animal (Eeyore).

She had asked what I was doing on Saturday which was yesterday and now I'm coming up to that post -- and I had said nothing. Knowing damn right I wanted to do homework, but then again I wanted to get out of the dorms and off campus because I have been here for 3 weeks which is awesome, don't get me wrong... However, a little change is always necessary and welcomed in my book. I had woken up on the floor with my two pillows next to Jaime who is a pretty chill friend of mine and was like, ahh... gotta run. (Calm yourselves, that does not mean anything at all... nor is it anything like you've probably intepreted it as). We watched probably 5 minutes of Pirates and the Carribean and I passed out on the floor LOL. It's all good, so I got dressed and ready for the day knowing they were on their way. They finally got here, picked me up and we left to Oro Valley I want to say... Was a good time, we went out to this park which was definitely fun and played frisbee, did some color guard stuff, etc... Good times must I add, good times. Then off to Wells Fargo and eventually to Eegees which was good, second time I've eaten there in my life. The shake is really awesome but it is probably 100% pure sugar which is sickening to think about after the fact.

Then back to my dorm room, ohoh THREE GIRLS into my room, with no room mate beings he is out of town! Ha, It was fun and all... we really just listened to music and picked on this dickwad - Red -

They had to leave and I had the night to piss away doing whatever the hell I pleased. I did just that, :)

I went to a football game after meeting a few people at the Park Student Union and giving away some football tickets already to these two girls. Then I ended up walking down there with Alyssa, who did not want to go by herself so told me she was going to take me to meet a really close friend of hers, what????? LOL

We get in and it is complete pandimonium. I mean, the security staff was bullshit and they were doing a pretty piss poor job at maintaining the stadium. However, we finally meet up with her Sorority and what not. It was all good and I stayed until the game was over. Then I tried to catch up with Ian and Nick but my phone died and these girls just so happened to go to the game so I ran into them. The next part we'll leave undisclosed to the public, but you can private message me and ask what happened. AGAIN, it was just as good, if not better than the parking garage story becuase here I am once again posting at 6:08 AM in the morning. I'll tell you about it later if I feel like it. :)

So I end up here at my dorm waiting to go to this Delta Sig party which one of the guys on my floor is in. The dudes Dave and Jack never ended up calling me which was a good thing because I did not honestly feel like going, but I think I am going to rush for a frat. Even though it is to late, as long as you know a few people I am pretty sure you can still get in. I don't see why not.

Ok I just shut my eyes for a few seconds and I am starting to drift away so I am going to hit the sack and have beautiful dreams. LATES

BTW, I won life, kthx and who beats me now -- NOT EVEN YOU HAHA, figure it out.

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Obviously this is directed towards you 72626842.
09/11/04 5:57 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Yahoo! Terms of Service


You agree to not use the Service to:

upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

I really have free reign to post whatever I want as long as I do not violate the TOS (Terms of Service) which are nothing.

Harassing -- not so much because there is a choice of coming to my website and there is a choice of not coming to the website. It is not like I advertise with mass e-mail, spam, etc... KTHXX FOR THAT ONE, NEXT!

Tortious -- haha, of course... emotionally? I don't think so, whaat?

Defamatory -- well, I guess you could say this one would screw me, but how... honestly, will I really get in trouble for defamatorism? Think about it, some things I post may be out of proportion but certainly not untrue -- that is in my eyes however.

Obscene -- certainly not, what to the fourth degree? PUHLEASE!

invasive of another's privacy -- ok, I failed, definitely did this ONCE but it is done and gone now, so... likely to happen again, certainly not. Proof? kthx

hateful, otherwise objectional -- hmm, honestly if you dish out enough for a fucking "bizzomb" ass lawyer, then you might be in good shape, otherwise; don't waste your time.

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I can't sleep, so here goes an update, yea!
09/08/04 1:20 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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It has been a few days, welcome back. Excuse my tendency to not update as often as I should. This is something I am going to be looking back on in 10 years thinking wow, those were the good times. Anyways, I cannot sleep right now as you read on the title. My room mate Joe is fucking awesome. We have so much in common it is really weird but at the same time one of the coolest things. I know we will definitely be friends for life. He is a genius and one cool cat to hang out with. We share many ideas and collaborate on new things and such forth... With me being a big college student now I just feel like a new person. I know that I am still the same ole Chazzy that I have always been, but this transition into college has been quite an experience so far.

Another thing which I am going to start doing, once I start having dreams again is update that part of the website. I think that it is important that I keep track of my dreams and what better way then to share them with everyone else in the world? Ha! That way I can look back on it and have a vivid movie replay as I read over what I wrote. It always works like that and I love it. It reminds me of the time when I thought I could make a dream book. You know an invention. A book that one would read before going to bed and have that exact dream, but in their own version. That way no one would have the same dream which would make each one unique. This would be accomplished by planting a seed inside their mind which triggers their subconscious to think about the skeletal structure of what their dream is going to be about. For example; if one wants to dream about fishing in the ocean with an unbelievable sunset and a beautiful woman. They would read something to like "Gazing upon the horizon, the sun is setting which is tinted with lilac crimson spots that emits a serenity, peaceful setting. Etc... I'm not going to go in depth right now, but it would be something relevant to that. A basic idea, a simple structure which would evolve into something truly great because we all think differently and what we dream about is obviously a re cap of what has gone on over the day. Well, they do say that sometimes you dream about whatever it is you last reviewed and others claim that we dream about what we worry about. For me, it is a combination of both, as you will soon find out. I love it, I hate it, but at the same time I cannot dream enough. Many things come from my dreams such as theories on how life works, women, school, work, people, social events, events that happen, etc. A lot of it to me is really personal, but then again after I wake up -- I always review over what had happened and try to find the significance which it held and what it was relevant to. For example, if I dream about someone or something, then I would try to think of why I dreamt about that, or why that person was in my dream. Symbolization. I love it, most of the time I can figure out who it was, why they were there and what it meant.

Enough ramble about that. That is my dream book which will be published sometime in the next few years. Honestly, I'm going to write a book of some sort, why not write something that has never been written before? Regardless, if it doesn't work out the way I want then oh well... I'm accomplishing a goal in which I set for myself which is extremely important to me. Not only that, but I can then say I'm an author :P.

Let's see here... what has gone on in the past few days of my life. Well, a major thing that happened was meeting back up with. Some of you may remember her, some of you have no idea who she is or what she is about. Let me just give a real brief description and let you know how I know her and what relationship category she falls under. Yes, I did work with her; she was a co-worker... We met quite a few months ago and shortly after we started to date. She is awesome, smart, attractive, and just a down to earth girl. However, things did move really fast which I had no problem with, but I felt wrong in a sense doing what we were doing. It was nothing extreme or out there, but still, that is why there is a beginning, middle and an end. I guess you could say we jumped straight into things sexually and that was a cool thing at the same time a bad thing. Several months went by, she was cool -- we had a solid relationship going and things were well. Then I broke up with her to go off and sell books for the summer. Now she had came to my graduation and I pretty much blew her off, being Damascus and Stephanie (D's girlfriend) were there for the first time ever. Needless to say, my family had all came out from California and Maryland to see my graduate which was exhilarating. That night summed it up for me and it was over more or less in my book. Now I did tell her I would keep in touch and contact her every weekend on Sunday while selling books. That did not fall through as planned. Turns out we ended up being friends and I knew that breaking up with her was the best thing to do. The honest reason which I know deep down is because I was going to start college and did not want to have a relationship going into college. That was the essential reason that I broke it off. I get back to town, two weeks go by and I still have not seen her. Blowing her off every chance I had to visit with her, I was simply declining knowing that I didn't really want to see her. Well, last weekend we met up and ended up going out and stayed out pretty late. Things didn't evolve into anything greater than where they had left off, but it was relaxing none the less.

The next day rolls around and prior to meeting up with her I merely mentioned sex in a jokingly manner. Well, the next day after we had met up she told me that she wanted me to be her first. I told her what I have done in the past, and what I didn't like about the fact of having sex. I told her some fears, and some things to think about. After it was all said and done, turns out we both were just going to use each other for sex. She wanted me for my male organ and for me it would have just been another girl to go down in the book. Sad to say, but it is true. So I told her I agreed to do it. Well, the next day (today) when it came down to the time to meet up and do our thing, I had told her that it was the wrong thing for me to do. I knew that she would regret it and even though she did give me this long spiel on how she felt like she was mature and ready for it, I did tell her to hate me now, but thank me later for declining.

Even though she wants to try and have sex just to escape the virgin world and because she was serious that it was not the right thing for me to do. Had we of been dating -- I still would not have done it, honestly. Reason being - She is underage and I am now eighteen which does put me in line of fire for statutory rape if it came down to it, which I have had a few friends get nailed for. This is merely what I had said to her, and I feel that this is important for me to write about not so you guys can think I get a lot of women, but so you may get a better understanding of what I'm really all about. Since this is a journal of my life in text, it is something that is very significant and has meaning to me, thus forth here it is. Even though I had leaded her on a bit and told her I would follow through with what she had wanted, I did think about it. I asked a few friends of mine (close friends... you know who you are) just to get their opinion. Well when she messaged me asking if we were still on tonight I had gone straight into what I was preparing myself to tell her. Not only did I tell her that by me doing this, she would become attached in a way that it would become annoying for me and I would eventually blow her off just as I did with the other girls. (Sorry, heaven forbid if they are reading this...) I'm probably typing the same thing twice but more or less, if I hadn't of said anything then it all would have gone through and I would have felt like crap afterwards. I don't just bang chicks at their request unless they truly are trophy girls which... well, :)

Anyways, I do indeed feel good about turning her down and doing the right thing. I know my buddies out there are probably grabbing their pitchforks and torches right now, but that is something I felt like separated me from the men and the boys. Not only do I feel different here in college but I feel an awkward sense starting to take over. I am not sure what it is, but I have a good feeling that it is Mr. Mediocrity dying and Maturity starting to kick in. It is indeed a damn good feeling and I hope that every single person gets to experience it at least at one point in their life.

That is something that I wanted to get off my chest and I knew it was juicy stuff to post about. It may not be for everyone, like my family who reads, and it may even offend her - who knows. It means a lot to me that I chose the right thing to do, and I see that. I fucking love life and I won on this one.

Ok so it was a three day weekend, there was more stuff that went down. Of course, you think I would leave it at that? NO! I played Ultima Online quite a bit this weekend and I have made a new friend Jaime. She is cool, another unique girl I must add. I won't go into much detail, but she is a friend of mine and I'm enjoying meeting new people here in Kaibab Huachuhca.

I hung out with Joe quite a bit. We did go swimming one day down at the Rec Center and that was fun. Good times, good times. I know I've said this before but I LOVE JOE! He is the best room mate and I couldn't of asked for anyone other than him. A lot of the people from the dorm left us this weekend and went back home to visit. With my car still being broken down I don't have transportation around anywhere so I chill at the dorm and hang out on campus.

Well it has been a while, but finally I met up with Ian and we hung out on Monday (Labor Day). We threw the frisbee for a while, after going out to eat breakfast at Chipotle. That was damn good food and the second time I've eaten there. The first time was at a Chamber of Commerce Convention with John Klein, my Strategies for Success Coach. I enjoyed it and only devoured about 30% of it I would say. Then I took Ian up to the dorm to meet everyone on the floor and introduced him to my room, aka... home. :) Then we shot some pool and he had to leave to go see his mom or something. That was fun and it felt good to get outside because it was a beautiful day out and the temperature was perfect as well as the setting of the sky.

OH YEAH, THE STORY OF MY LIFE. Not quite, but still - Friday night we went to a fraternity party. Stephanie, Emily, Joe, Avi, Alan and myself all met up and went to Delta Kappa something... I cannot remember what the name was but we went to this on campus party. There was tons of underage drinking which was expected and lots of drunk girls (best part) as well as blaring music. Joe and I did not drink, by choice. Joe doesn't drink nor does he plan to drink at all during college. I do plan on drinking, but it just wasn't for me that night and I didn't feel like drinking. Stephanie, Emily, Avi and Alan all were drinking though. Ironically, I supplied them with the beer. I went and got the beer for them which was pretty funny. Forgive me if anyone of higher authority is reading this, but I am just a college student who doesn't know any better. I love my friends and take care of them, :P

So much happened the past few days that it is hard for me to sum it all up in an update. Lesson learned, update more often instead of jam packing it all into one post. Hope you liked it, look for tomorrows. :)

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Special Day - Labor Day/Birthday read on
09/05/04 6:03 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Well well well, what can I say. It is hard to keep this updated all the time. I have been extremely busy the past few days. In short, I just woke up and do not feel like updating right now. Mwhaha -- suckers. just kidding, I'll post later on today if I feel up to it. Happy Labor Day and Happy Birthday Stephanie.

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I dedicate this post to life, it's great to be alive.
09/03/04 4:38 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Muwhaha, I got my old Ultima Online accounts back. This is so sweet no one has any idea how much this means to me. BOTH ACCOUNTS, the accounts that my beloved Uncle Steve helped me set up. To top it off, I'm celebrating my 7th anniversary or playing this game with EA games -- they are having some special whatever which is cool, you guys wouldn't understand. That's the good news for the past few days.

I really did sleep in today and did some homework, revision on a paper and went to English. Relatively easy day, got another essay to write for English which isn't due for a few weeks, but I will get a start on it none the less.

So it's labor day weekend and I have 3 days off. I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing, but I do have a good idea. Well, for those avid readers this is for you. In that three day period of time, I can sense there will be long gaps of time where I am doing absolutely nothing. So for anyone in town who wants to get together and possibly a bite to eat or even shoot pool -- definitely send me a message.

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No flavor, no season, jigga what?? What does that mean...
09/03/04 11:52 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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I love Wednesdays! I absolutely love them, yay!! Well, today is always a good day like Ice Cube said. I only have one class of course and I did absolutely nothing it seemed like. However; I did manage to complete my Math homework as well as my English homework. Although Thursdays are just like Tuesdays, four classes and boring, I still enjoy them. The people are great here at college. I love everyone and I'm running for Director of Programming in Hall Council. I'm also running for RHA Representative which the results will be posted on Friday around 3:30 or so, we'll see if I win or not.

The past few days have been like woah and I just have not updated, haahaa for you avid readers. It's all good. You'll get long and stuffy updates which are filled with juicy comments of life here at college.

Special Reminder, I did my first gig tonight in Kaibab which went well and I had fun. I'll go more into depth on that if you want to hear it, then im me or give me a buzz. You know how to contact me, utilize those tools. LATES!

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Woah, two days past and no update?? GET READY
09/01/04 1:45 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Well, I always seem to start off my entries with Where to start, so this time I'll start it off with this. I won't change anything that I have already written even though it would not be hard for me to hold the Backspace key for less than three seconds. Or, depending on how you look at it, the time it took me to type this up could have been spent erasing this and starting over. Enough! I hope you like what you have.

So on Monday, my day started off awkward. Well, actually my day didn't start on Monday, it started on Sunday at 3:30. Yes, that is correct. I did not go to sleep Sunday night, because I had court pretty early in the morning on Monday. So I had to go to court to release my guardianship from Aunt Val and my Uncle Alan. w00t, all I have to say is I'm no longer under their control legally, pwnd.

Back to Monday, although I did not post... I was a freaking zombie in the first part of the day. I did not do much at all, and now me trying to think of what I had done is pretty hard to remember. Bare with me, I'm going to put some Shpongle on and go at it... What was really funny, I had to walk to court. HAHAHA, two miles. I know I could have called a cab or asked someone to give me a ride, but everyone did have class so that was canceled out. Anyways, it all went well and I was really fortunate for Aunt Val to give me a ride back to me car.

The best part about this, and I know I'm totally straying off topic; something just hit me, Becky Tunnis-Booth, a former volunteer for Youth on Their Own is awesome! I just wanted to let you guys know that when my car broke down on my and needed to be towed, I called her. She found someone who would do it for free for me and I offered to sell raffle tickets for her Friday next week. No biggie, it will be a lot of fun and I'm going to make money while get my car towed and fixed for free. How awesome is that, I really do owe her a lot. I'm going to send her a card.

Back to Monday for the millionth time. I know I typed up my paper for English and revised it several times, knowing I would have absolutely no energy left in me later on that night to do it. That was really smart of me, because it did turn out well. However, I am still revising it which is also good news. There is a huge blank for several hours, being I missed class because of court. *GRR* It's ok, I let all my prof's know I was going to miss and told them I would get a letter for them so they would know where I was and that I was not just skipping class.

I do remember playing Frisbee with Alan and Avi who were busted today for "smoking weed". The best part about it, ther were not doing anything. They merely had tobacco pipes which they had used to smoke tobacco.

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