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I wish my family would answer the damn phone
10/31/04 11:32 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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It is safe to say that this Halloween has been crud. I wanted to go suprise my sisters and go trick-or-treating with them but I was unable to get ahold of my Aunt Val or the House which was really upsetting. I had told Heather last night that I was not sure if we would hang out and I wanted it to be a suprise, oh well. I guess next time I will just tell her that we will so that way something will be set in stone. I guess I have no right to dwell over the fact that I was not able to get ahold of them because they could have had plans already set which is understable. They are a busy family these days and getting to spend time with them is quite difficult or so it seems, with both their schedule and mine clinging all throughout the day.

Anyway, this was the first Holiday that I did not feel it was a Holiday for some reason, oh well. I guess that is what comes with getting older. Crazy to think that in about seven months I will be nineteen and in eight months I will be back on the book field again. Oh well, I'm out.

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I feel alive, very fucking alive. Feels damn good too.
10/30/04 6:07 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Let me just start this post off with a big Oh My Fucking God.

It was totally impromptu and just a pulse of the moment decision that I made last night, but it turned out to be WELL, well worth it. My friend Luke said he was in a hurry in our meeting and was like "We'll I'm off to a Marilyn Manson concert". Right there, I was sold. I asked him where it was and if it was sold out, he said Phoenix and no. HAHAHA

I drove down there with him and picked up some damn good tickets off a scalper which didn't matter because I ended up down in the Mosh Pit literally 5 feet in front of Marilyn. That was golden. I also had ear plugs so my hearing was not impaired at all, and I could hear much much better because all the trebble and noise/feedback was blocked out.

I also bought a 10-dollar T-Shirt from some homeless guy walking around in the parking garage which was golden because it is quality as well, and above that. I bought a candle, this is not ordinary candle, but a very unique candle. I will take pictures to show it's eliteness. Anyways, this is going to be a great fucking weekend no matter what.

Marilyn Manson Pic's - October 29th 2004 Dodge Theatre - Phoenix AZ

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What's up everyone, had a good weekend so I wrote a bit about it.
10/17/04 9:48 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Sup all, I had a very eventful, exciting weekend. First on Friday night around 9:00 in the evenining was Fall Hall Ball which was a costume/masquerade party and I must say that it was indeed unbelievable. Could have been better (the dj's ahem..) but there were roughly 200 people that showed up. So for free admission that was pretty damn good. Also I met this cool girl who is way badass. After Fall Hall Ball I came home around 1-2 and crashed around 4. Woke up at 3 in the afternoon on Saturday and went out around 7 to another Block Party which was actually a dud. So then Katie, Hubert and myself all went out to eat at Chili's. That was fun stuff, then I stayed up all night doing practically nothing but messing around on the computer and I watched a movie.

I participated in the 2004, Tucson AIDS Walk today which was a good feeling. I went with Katie's group, Blue Chip (U of A) so that was awesome I was able to tag along. We walked a 4K, but the second half of it Katie and I finished it off by running. That was good as well, then we received free t-shirts, and picked up some junk food before heading back to campus.

I was suppose to meet with my org for Southwestern again, but that did not work out. I fell asleep from 11:00AM to 9:00PM oh well, I'm out. Late

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GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN. Here to update once more.
10/14/04 9:44 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Well, I feel like updating again, so for everyone who use to read. CONTINUE READING, ownaga. Anyways, I'm off to Math class then English, see you fools in a bit. Be sure to check back for the juicy, lengthful update. Peace mofoka

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Updating this thing now is a pain in the gasket.
10/03/04 5:08 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Lazy Boy - Underwear Goes Inside The Pants GOOD SONG!

So finally, I sort of feel like updating my website but at the same time I really have no incentive to post an update right now. So anyways -- my Aunt Barbie was in town with Uncle Paul (they are moving to Virginia) and I have been hanging out with my sisters a lot lately.

I have also been hanging out with old friends and talking to old friends which is good news and I'm going back to Dallas in December to see Lanneeey. LOL (Love ya girl_) So like....... I don't feel in the mood to type more, lates.

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Stawa is DA BOMB!
10/01/04 2:18 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Stawa is the bomb, we went to the recreational center and had a blast. Raquet ball, basketball, jump ropes, and even walking there to warm up lol. SHE DA BOMB!~ peace

I'll update more later.

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