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So today is going to rock, no matter what, kthx.
11/29/05 9:47 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Today is going to be a good day no matter what. I had an amazing time talking to Brittany last night for hours upon hours... just about things, it was really nice - then I had totally forgotten about the English Portfolio that I needed to do (its due today) soo... I decided to stay up. Well, here is what happened and it was kinda funny so I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you guys. When Brit and I got off the phone, I decided that it would be a good idea to get the milk out of my car. I had bought it earlier and forgotten about it - (oopsies :() hokay so... since it has been below 30 degrees out here in Tucson, the milk was still good to drink. After bringing checking my mail, now freezing my ass off - I grabbed the milk, came inside and made a nice big glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm... it sure was tasty, but then I remember coming to my room, brushing my teeth and well... passing out in my comfortable leather chair. No biggie, but I still needed to start on this English Portfolio. Well, with no alarm and a few hours of sleep I randomly woke up at 8 in the morning. Sweet huh? Yeah, but I was worried I wouldn't finish the portfolio. The good news is, I got enough sleep so I feel rested enough to last the entire day without walking around like a zombie, the portfolio was finished in about an hour and twenty minutes and now I have like an hour to spare before I need to go to class. I'm going to be able to finish my Gender reading and charge my PSP enough for the new game I bought last night :D

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit or something like that. Basically I was a girl all day yesterday and did a lot of shopping, bought Christmas cards to send to everyone, Christmas presents, stuff for myself, and I totally paid off my credit card. THE BEST NEWS THOUGH... I BOUGHT A NEW CELL PHONE :D ;D :D

Click here to read more about the phone and how sweet this thing really is, lol.

Yeah, and I totally paid off my credit card, so that was really awesome too and its all good when it comes to the credit report. Building that sweet credit, can't go wrong there. What else rocks right now...oh yeah, as soon as I get the family pictures from Thanksgiving I am going to update the Pictures section, so look forward to that - I'll mark the tab and let you guys know when that is done. Hmm... yeah, I'm stoked about my phone and I can even check comments from the phone and POST, like omgosh. <--- is way excited if you can't tell.

Much love to my girlfriend Brittany, if it weren't for her I don't think I would have really had that good of a reason to get a new phone, haha. Thanks babe, you rock and I you! OUT
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I'm home, and I made it safely. :D
11/28/05 11:30 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Hello everyone and welcome home from the Holiday's! I just wanted to let you guys know that my turkey break was awesome, got to hang out with the family, help them move into the new house (which was a blast, and I even got to hang a picture!) lol. I also bought a new pair of shoes, which was super <3. They are black, adidas...and yeah, hmm...adidas, I remember that one back from elementary school, haha. Anyway, I'm off to work out for now. Today is a somewhat big day, I have a portfolio for English to finish and some reading for Gender tomorrow but thats it. OH SHOPPING, YEAH, GOTTA GO SHOPPING. My two favorite types too, shopping for food, and shopping for clothes.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all, and enjoy all the Tryptophan!
11/24/05 11:28 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Happy Holidays to everyone and much love from Albuqurque. I'm on some sketch wireless and I don't know if this will even post, but hey! It's more so the thought counts. I love being with my family, and I'm having a good time. There is just one special person I wish was here with me too to share the good times with :P Much love Brit, you rock x10.

I'll be driving home on Sunday so everyone look forward to that, haha. I'll post some pictures in the pictures section as soon as I get them. Hokie Dokie, I LOVE this cold weather. WOW. But you all know I <3 cold weather.

Hmm... okay, well... time to sleep I think, there are cats here and its like, woah... sup allergies, yeah. I bought a new pair of sweat pants too, and they are definitely my most comfortable pair of sweats.

I don't think I can think of anything else to write about, other than driving is fun but I'm tired of it, hoho. OH, I MISS STEP MANIA IN A WEIRD WAY. :( Can't wait to start breaking 100's. Ok, lates.
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WOW, super work, what is it with teachers and work before Thanksgiving Break?
11/21/05 12:04 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Wow. I can't believe I spent 12 hours straight last night on a project due tomorrow morning. I still have a few more to do tonight, but thats nothing compared to what Justin and I did last night. Better get an A :D

I'm still waiting to see my grade on that dietary analysis for my Science class. If I get an A on that, it's pretty definite I'll get a B in the class which really alleviates a lot of stress. Then I'm meeting with my English teacher today at 3:30 (which I still need to write a 1 page paper for her before I go), then I'm going to pay my credit card off, deposit my check, pay 500 freaking dollars to the University so I can start registering for classes next semester, come home do some more homework, go work out, watch a movie or something then play it by ear. Wow, another long day full of errands and classes. Guess who is really excited about that. <--- me!

Yeah, I want to go shopping or something. I'll wait till I'm in New Mexico though. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I know its coming up and I might not have access to a computer to make an update :P

All About Me!
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Can you see me, can you hear me, good for work.
11/19/05 1:10 PM - Submitted by Chaz

I feel like updating but at the same time I just really don't. Isn't that weird? Maybe later...

In about an hour I'm off to do hella homework. Dumb school. I have decided though that I am in love with XM radio. My buddy who works at the desk leaves his radio everytime and I love it. Go channel 82, <3.

Joe and I ate out on 4th Avenue last night at this pizza place called Brooklyn's Pizza. We decided to eat outside, and damn...that definitely gave us a reality check on life. Lots of weird shit happens on 4th Av. on a Friday Night.

Oh yeah, I also went crazy with the underwater swimming last night too. Next time, a stadium. That's over 50m = 164.042 ft. I was swimmming 100+ feet laps last night with Joe, managed to pull 4 and one was with no hands, just body / legs swimming in like a Mermaid, go us. :D

Yeah, bored at work and I did a survey. hohohoh

All About Me!
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More to update - coming later today... when I'm not so busy.
11/17/05 10:32 AM - Submitted by Chaz

OMG, I only have time for a super fast update. I need to be out the door right now. Here is a song I have been working on for the past few days. Check it out, its a good one :P

Narvas - Matrix Remix (Regurgitated Dj Lith Specialty). Hokay, don't laugh. It's a work in progress :P CLASS TIME YAY!
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Showers, Music, Sleep, Books...what else could I ask for, seriously...
11/16/05 12:18 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Wow, am I tired. I had a pretty long day, for the most part it was really unproductive. I got my test score back for my gender class, definitely got a low ass C on it and I thought I did really well on it too. So I had to call to Barbie and complain, was so frustrated and I'm still frustrated with a ton of things right now it just blows. However, it never seems to fail me. This is the time of the year I become hella stressed and its seriously crunch time. I have to finish the semester strong, and I will but believe me... I'll have gone through a lot of useless stress and crap before I get to the end. I already know it. Okay, well... the good news is I'm working about 10 hours more a week, because I need to make some extra money to cover a few of my expenses over winter break.

My break has pretty much been planned out. Fly out the Virgina to see Barbie and Paul (Heather is going to go at the same time as well) and spend about a week or so there. Come home to Tucson for New Years - depending on what Joe is doing (and I haven't asked him yet) maybe go see him for the New Year, then come back to Tucson because Brittany is going to come see me in the beginning of January and she'll stay for a while and boom. That's the winter break in a nut shell.

Guess what now, a huge ass assignment to do and a paper to write tomorrow for English on Thursday and hmm... oh yeah, haha more crap to do for Gender. God I really dislike school at the moment. Even though I'm only taking three classes, my ass is getting kicked for many different reasons.

Assignment finally finished. 7 Documents submitted to D2L. Current Time 9:07 AM. Thank goodness I don't have class today. Time to pass out now. Here is the final result.
Dietary Analysis. Hokay, see you all later. lol.
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Productivity = Good
11/14/05 2:53 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Just finished my workout with Justin and damn does it feel good. I love the feeling like you are constantly flexing your muscles but you really aren't. I also love not being able to lift my phone because I worked out so hard, haha. Anyway, time for some breakfast and maybe take my car in for some repairs. See if I can get rid of that god awful noise my exhaust makes since it is falling off. Hoho, c u.

Oh yeah, then homework for class. Can't forget the damn homework! NEVER.
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So I don't normally do this, but I'm about to rant and rave.
11/13/05 9:08 PM - Submitted by Chaz

I don't even know where to begin. This weekend has sucked. So much has gone wrong, is it karma or is it just a shitty weekend?

First off, to start the weekend I had an assignment to do but my English Notebook was jacked a few days before it so I had no clue what to do. The teacher told me to go ahead and e-mail it to her, but yeah. I don't know what I'm doing so I wrote her telling her hey... can you give me the assignment please so I can finish it. Next, I was playing some pool with Tyler and I told him that we were going to have to play at Wilburs Underground, on regulation sized tables. So we go that night, and I knocked the ball off the table once. The person working there told me to keep the balls on the table and be careful, I told him sorry - didn't know what I was doing on that shot. People are knocking balls off the table left and right, all around us. Maybe it was just a bouncy ball night? Anyway, the next time I knocked it off - this stupid Janitor said to us "I think you guys are done." I looked at him, and thought... wtf is he talking about. I only had a few more balls to knock in them the game was over. I acknowledged him and said, yeah... no problem - almost done. THEN the cops come down and tell us that we can do this either the easy way or the hard way. Now I'm thinking what the hell is going on, the person who is running the place could have at least told us that we were being 'reckless' or 'playing incorrectly' instead of having the janitor call the police on us. Wow, that bullshit. That sucked, ok so I shrugged it off and figured nothing of it. Then the next night, Tyler and I (now its Friday Night) were suppose to hang out. Well I called him later on in the night, went over the his place and we hung out. That was fun and all, until I went back to my car. Well, guess what. My car wasn't there. :/ Hmm, I thought to myself... I always park on this side, just like Tyler told me to. Looks like I was wrong, apparently I parked a few spaces away from the Visitor Parking and they towed my car because I didn't have a 'permit'. Ok, I messed up, and it cost me 200 dollars. I was lucky enough to find the guy who towed my car, and I approached him. At first I was upset, but I knew that the only way I would be able to get my car is if I acted calm and was very patient with him. I explained the issue, told him I made a mistake and asked if he would take me to the shop, since I would just go ahead and pay cash - so I could get my car. IT WAS AT LEAST 15 miles away, and no one would have been able to give me a ride to pick up my car on Monday. (Which would have been even more of a hassle beacuse the whole weekend I wouldn't of had my car). The driver Chris and I talked the whole way there and blah blah blah, basically took about an hour and a half to get my car and by the time I got home it was already 7 in the morning.

Now I was going to meet up with Tyler before the football game on Saturday so we could get some half priced chicken wings, etc.. etc... but that didn't work because I slept in. I go over, pick him up and we head to the game. We stopped for drinks and he promised and was absolutely sure that we were allowed to bring them in as long as they weren't open. Well then... I thought to myself, I might as well go ahead and buy a Gatorade, since I needed some sugar and was really thirsty. We walk to the game and when it comes time to go in - they stop me and tell me I have to throw my drink away because I wasn't allowed to bring it to the game. Hahaha, I laughed at them and said, nonono its not open - its cool. Nope, had to throw it away. Boom, another blow. Thats not it though, so later that night Tyler and I went to see a movie and my phone was on my lap because I had just called my girlfriend, well when I get out of the car, it dropped but I didn't see it and I stepped on it. Oh my... now the battery doesn't even stay in and it randomly shuts off. Plus the damn thing doesn't charge properly at home or in the car so its always low batteries. Ok, I thought to myself... nothing else could possibly go wrong, and it didn't. The rest of the night went well, other than the little things... such as the lady at the theatre being a complete bitch and asking me for my I.D., then giving me a hard time when I tried to pay, but that was nothing - I blew that off. Jarhead was pretty good BTW, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes those kind of films. I enjoyed it.

Now, tonight... I just wanted to lay around the house, sleep in - do nothing until I needed to. I had a meeting at 7 I was suppose to meet with my group at the library for our English presentation (we are making a spelling contest to teach the class) but that ended up falling through and now we are meeting tomorrow at the library at some unknown time. Since that was off, I had a staff meeting for the desk at Skyview, I go over there - go through the 30 minute meeting, no biggie...then I drive over to Joe's place because I wanted to give back his N64 game. I did that but when I pulled up to park in the spot, apparently there was some metal rod sticking out of the parking bumper. I didn't see it or have any idea at all it was there because I didn't want to pull up to close. Well when I backed up my car a bit, the stupid ass rod tore the front left of my bumper off, so now its just chillin'... hanging out, looks like its going to fall off. Damn, what the f... I know, this weekend has really sucked and all the errors and things that went wrong were careless mistakes, stupid things that I could have avoided if I was really paying attention but why did so much happen? Oh well, its done and over with and with this rant I'm over it. It was much needed and that bike I wanted to buy earlier that Friday (sine I was going to buy a new BMX bike and get back into it) will just have to wait a few more weeks, maybe even a few months... I am not worried about it, and when I do get it, I'll be even more satisfied with it. The best thing that came out of this weekend is the new Webcam that I bought, lol. Now I can record videos and take pictures of myself, oh boy. Hoho, now I'm off to cook my chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and blow off this grouchyness. Later

This is me, messing around with the new camera, haha
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Definitely not able to sleep, not gonna lie. (hoho)
11/13/05 5:28 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Oh man... this weekend has been so intense, probably the complete opposite of what last weekend was. I'll have to write more about it later - but I'm too damn tired to write anything right now and I am going to fall asleep, again. Expect a lengthy, nice, juicy update tomorrow for sure. Night everyone, x2.
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What a way to end the day, haha...sooo true.
11/10/05 11:57 PM - Submitted by Chaz

If only you guys knew how much my girlfriend rocks! So she just got a new cell phone and it can do everything except cook popcorn. I definitely just caught one of the best blown kisses ever :P Oh boy... I love this girl!

I love you Brit, hope you got my kisses back :) :) :)
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Video games suck, especially when you are so close to winning.
11/09/05 9:48 PM - Submitted by Chaz

I'm exhausted and sore. Joe and I are also grandmaster Tetris players. We both, as a team - scored over 630,000 points reaching level 28. Yeah, we rock and we were definitely up until 3 in the morning playing. I'll post a screen shot sometime and make a link - but not now. Too tired to even really post, but I had to post how awesome Joe and I are. Yeah.

So, some dumb butt jacked my English Notebook and I know I have to write a personal assesment for tomorrow's class and I have some gender reading but yep... I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight and do that stuff in the morning. Woohoo, college rocks.

Something else I forgot to write about - haha. So that game Lumines that you guys saw me post about in the past. (For my PSP) I was going for a high score of 1,000,000 but found out you can only reach 999,999 points. However... if you do manage to hit 999,999 you unlock the final and most awesome skin ever. So here I am playing for over 2 hours while at work on Tuesday, and I look at my score. 970,000 points - so I'm thinking, sweet. I got this. Nope, I died at 989,843 points. Yeah, I had a sick set up too, and was ready to clear the screen with the next piece but I had built it all the way to the top and I did not move the piece fast enough and bam, game over instant. Oh well, I'll try again eventually. Probably once I stop having dreams about tetris and lumines pieces, those are intense btw.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend. Down to ride to the bloody end, just me and my girlfriend. Song of the night. Tupac - Me and My Girlfriend. Love you babe =D
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The days are flying by and I have about a month of school left.
11/07/05 8:09 PM - Submitted by Chaz

So I was just looking over the calender and looking at the rest of the year and...yeah, school is almost over for the semester. I mean, I have one portfolio, and a self assesment paper for English. One more test and a final in my Gender class, one more huge project, one more homework and two more tests in my science class. Easy stuff, I mean...the exams are not even cumulative. Now the problem is registering for next semester.

LOL, I tried to see what was available and what classes I should take and yeah, everything is full. Guess I'll have to keep checking periodically - just like all the other times :) No biggie, always works out. I just hope I get another Tuesday Thursday schedule, but I doubt its going to happen since I need 15-18 units next semester. Hohoho, time to go shopping and maybe grab some Subway on the way. Lates.

Back from shopping, wow. I always find it funny how you pick up a 2 dollar loaf of bread, then some cheese, eggs, juice, and next thing you know, you're paying over a hundred dollars on grocercies! Maybe thats just me, but I got food to last for a month - and I only got three things that can be cooked in the microwave which rocks. I'm trying to avoid that as I'm learning how to cook, so I have hamburger meat for sloppy joe's, hamburgers and even spaghetti / pasta, I also have stuff to make all the other food like Mac and Cheese, hmm... stuffing, tuna mix (with boiled eggs) for sandwiches, hamburger helper, tuna helper, all the goodies. Feels good to cook, and feels good to only need to shop once - twice a month :P

Oh yeah, I BOUGHT A LOT OF JUICES since there is no longer soda in my diet :D Hokay, time to make some pasta and go work out. OH yeah, I watched Troy today. Fells asleep during most of it - but its a good movie. (Also watched Snatch, bought Oceans 12, was going to watch Fight Club and Oceans 11, but ended up watching a diff movie called How High) This weekend was a lot of Brad Pitt, my oh my. :X

So its 3:53 AM and I'm not tired. I am also at the library doing absolutely nothing but enjoying Paul van Dyk's CD: Politics of Dancing 2. I wish I was tired, but I think I'm going to go pick up an Italian BMT from the 24 hour Subway down on Park. The past few hours I spent doing nothing at all but playing Tetris, surfing the net, and enjoying music. Man I love life, and I love moments like these. Time for some food, hohoho. (I was going to write a new update but decided, eh why not throw it on this one and make it yellow so everyone has to read it, mwhahaha!).

PS: Where you at husband, SLEEPING I BET HUH? Oh well, we will chat tomorrow.
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I am going to go grocery shopping today, its finally time.
11/06/05 2:28 PM - Submitted by Chaz

What an awesome day today is. I'm going to relax, maybe read a book. Watch a few movies, and do absolutely nothing until work. Damn. As I was typing this I thought I had nothing to do today until the work came to mind. Gotta go in at 6 to 9 then pick Rocco up at 11. Oh well, I still can do nothing :D

Ever have days like that? Let the relaxing begin, going to make some breakfast.
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So, like... Hmm, maybe... Or something, but anyway... yeah, like. K.
11/05/05 12:03 AM - Submitted by Chaz

LOUD NOISES. Ok, seriously though. This weekend rocks, absolutely no worries about school, life, anything. I mean - video games, music, friends, hanging out and movies. What else could I ask for in a weekend?

Joe and his friend Tara and her room mate (they seem like the next best set of room mates, female style) cooked Chicken tonight, and that was a blast. Great way to start the weekend. Then we went and shot pool and now we are off to go...PLAY VIDEO GAMES. First, we are going to get some juice because I am having caffeine withdrawls. Man, its intense giving up soda and sticking with it. I'm having a hard time not drinking a mountain dew, or a nice pepsi. Oh well, I'm sticking to it. Gotta do it. Music for the soul, going to bust some Tupac.

I love life right now.

I know exactly what I want to drink, spanish style gatorade.
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The day is so close to being over, but so far because of work 8-12 tonight...
11/02/05 2:42 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Ok, so let's try this update again, fun story about the first time I tried. First I sat down at a computer and the keyboard was randomly unplugged - so being tricked by the dumb computer, I am pressing every single key, three - four times trying to figure out what is wrong. Finally it hits me; the plug is sitting right next to the keyboard. So my assumption is someone either was goofing around, or the damn computer doesn't work - which is definitely what I figured out after a few minutes of saying 'wtf mate' in my head. THEN, a computer opens up right next to the one I'm sitting at so I'm thinking.... sweet, worked out well. I sit down, begin typing http://webmaiahalmlkasdfl;kj2q3r9+$@-2409@(@!)~` <-- because the fire alarm starts ringing in my ear and next thing you know, it¡¦s a fire drill. Now, roughly two hundred people are trying to exit the building, and all I wanted to do was post a quick update. I took the time to go ahead, walk to my car and park it at Sky view since I was parked at the parking meters (since I've been here at school since 5 this morning). I went ahead, did that, then picked up my check from work and now here I am. 45 minutes before my next test and I should be looking over some notes but nope, I decided an update would be better ;).

I finished the paper, turned that in along with everything else. Took my Gender test and I feel really confident in my grade, I knew the answer to almost every single question and the essay questions were exactly over what I studied. All in all, this day has worked out well for me. The only problem is - Miss Brittany didn't get her package I sent on Monday and is suppose to get there by today, guaranteed. :<

"Oh well, there's always tomorrow" - DDR Machine

Our one year anniversary is coming up, since IACURH is right around the corner. I'm sure you all remember me posting about IACURH around this time last year. I'm stoked, if you can't tell :D :D :D

By the way, I just wanted to remind you guys how much she rocks. She rocks a lot, hokay. I'm talking 100% authenticate ¡¥rocks your socks style'. She is simply one of the coolest girls I know and most down to earth chica ever. Her attitude is always positive no matter what¡¦s going on, and one of her shirts definitely says it all. Blondes have more fun. Seriously though, this is exactly how it all went down.

I met her at IACURH, we talked briefly - and my buddy Anthony (the British friend) had his tagged hat(graffiti) on and Brittany said that she was a dancer and wanted us to make hats for her dancers (since she was a dance teacher). We said we'd make one and I danced with her at the closing ceremony later that night, or maybe it was the next night. Then this :

> Hey! Its Brittany from IACURH, from Montana....Anyways, prettysure I still
> want one of you guys to make me a hat...And I was just writing to say hello
> too! Hope your Turkey Break is going well, and I hope to hear from you
> soon!Brittany

Hey, what's up! I thought I would never hear from you again, hah! Sure, just
let me know my AIM name is Lithsta. We'll chat sometime. Talk to ya later-

I still have yet to make her a hat. Someday, soon. I have done a few sketches - but I don't like them so.... :P since I am a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that, haha. Just thought I'd share this with everyone. TEST TIME, one more and then I'm off to the bank to deposit my little itty bitty paycheck from work. Hohoho, c u all later.
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The late late update with Chazmataz, boy am I tired, haha.
11/02/05 5:27 AM - Submitted by Chaz

So its late, early in the morning - you pick, and I'm still awake. I know, I know. I have been working on this stupid research paper for weeks now, and the time has finally come to finalize it and turn it in. In about 10 hours I will be the happiest, most relieved man ever. No more stupid tests, research papers etc. Its almost as good as finishing finals and being done with the semester. The only problem with this week is - its the most crucial period in the semester, it either makes it or breaks it. I know I'll do fine though. All of my notes have been typed for my Gender class, and I have been studying those on and off for the past few weeks. I scored a pretty decent score for my nats class - and I'm working on the huge assignment which is due Friday for extra credit, but F that. I don't have the time and its not worth the 10 points.

I washed my new U of A hoody along with some other whites and I'm definitely sporting the "Welcome Week to MSUB" which is Brittany's scchol. My sweatshirt smells good and I took a nice, luke warm shower about 2 hours ago and went to Subway with Justin. He couldn't sleep and I am just working away at this paper so now we are here at the ILC / Library. Of course, look at me - no surprise, I am procrastinating again, on the paper so this time I'm really going to finish it. HAHA, I'll post it when I'm finished. Wish me luck, kthx.

PS: I miss my Brittles :( Love you princess.
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Update coming later tonight.
11/02/05 8:29 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Just realized I have to go take care of something. I'll write moe later. I was cooking some food in the oven and needed to take it out and eat it, haha. Nothing too exciting, but it is late and I am tired.
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Holy homework like woah, my goodness batman.
11/01/05 9:48 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Got off work 3 hours early. Lots of stuff to do tonight, my goodness. Check list of crap to do in the order of importance:

� Nats Homework: This week is over 3 chapters, grr. - scored a 89%
� English Paper: That damn research assignment (due on Thursday) - almost finished
� Gender Studying (test on Thursday)
� Nats Studying (test on Thursday)

That is the summary of the rest of my week (since my weekend begins Thursday night) hoho. After that, easiest weekend ever. Nothing to do, all the tests are finished, definitely my favorite weekend, definitely going to be one of my easiest weekends in a while. :)

Time to get to it I guess, lol.
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Happy November Everyone!
11/01/05 2:24 PM - Submitted by Chaz

This has to be one of the coolest thing I have ever seen on the internet. Best optical illusion ever. Click Here. Read the directions on top, try each one and let me know how it goes for you. I was able to get them all :D

Class in an hour, wooooooo...not, but I am feeling much better now that I've eaten food. K, lates. Work from six to midnight tonight so I'll probably post an update or something :/.
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