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Books. Yep.
05/12/06 12:02 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Summer is here. I'm out for the summer, Arkansas. You can find me there. I'll be back sometime in August, you might not be able to get ahold of me; don't worry. I'll call you back on Sunday, just leave a message :)

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Damascus was the first one. Thanks bro.
05/09/06 11:47 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Finals are almost over, 2 more to go. Oh snap. So far I have a 4.0 GPA for the semester, that's exciting. ALSO. IN EXACTLY 13 MINUTES I WILL BE 20. Go me, :P

Hey I thought it was worth posting, haha. I'll post the birthday cake picture tomorrow. It's cute, thank you Jessie <3

Just a follow up, thanks Joe for calling me at 11:57, then running half a mile to be by my side the second the clock turned 12. That meant a lot bro, you were the first f'ing one. Mwhaha, have a Merry Christmas!
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I loved this semester. Wow, I'm going to miss it. :(
05/05/06 12:51 PM - Submitted by Chaz


I think what I am excited about is my birthday next week, the last final is Astronomy... then I'm free for the summer, hoho!
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On this day...4 years ago.
05/1/06 3:21 PM - Submitted by Chaz

On this day in May, four years ago; the skies were grey. I left the house, on the bus to school; ready to take my Geometry test on that day in May. I'll never forget that day, the day in May, that dreadful day, when Mom told me the news. She said that you had passed away on this day in May, four years ago, and still to this day; everyday, I am reminded of your life and that cloudy day, that ever dreadful day in May. Someday, when this day in May comes around, I will be able to deal with the emotions that I feel on this everlasting day, the first of May. In my dreams, you smile and say, everytime this day comes; this day in May, to remember you, and remember that we will be together again some day. My birthday is in nine days, and on that day, that specific day in May, I will be reminded of your life, and mom's life; why, why must these day's in May remind me of such pain. I will celebrate your life today, on this day in May, and never forget; I will always love you, no matter what day; even on this day in May.

For anyone who doesn't know, this is the first time I have felt like posting something I have written in memory of my father. Four years ago he left us, me, my three sisters, his two loving sisters, his wife, his life. Each day we remember his life and remember the good times we shared. Never take for granted the things you have, because in a heartbeat, literally; anything can happen. Life is so strange in times like these, we ask questions that will never be answered, we think about the unthinkable, we do not understand; but yearn for that understanding which will never come. I love you all, and I am sorry I have neglected to see everyone in the past year. I promise I will make that up to you. But please don't forget... to take a moment today, and remember our father, he watches out for us and will always be in our hearts. I love you dad. I miss you.

-Your Son,
Chaz Michael Allen Totschek
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