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NACURH was freaking amazing, <3 NY
5/29/05 10:06 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Wow, Syracuse New York is hella beautiful. I loved it, had an awesome experience for my first NACURH. I want to write so much about it but I have a lot to do tonight and I am starting to get tired from Jet Lag. Damn fools, going on vacation in a few days anyway. I'll be home next week haha, update coming soon, promise.
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5/19/05 6:46 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Update: Pueblo de la Cienega is a great dorm, I'll be back my junior year for sure. No doubt, going to either be on the e-board for RHA or an RA here or in Villa de Puente. OMG is it nice, I have my tables set up too so I have been spinning lately as well. Going to New York in a few days, next week actually. Anyway, a lot going on but a meeting to go to right now. Peace sucka's. I'll update more late :P
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5/10/05 5:59 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Yo fools, today is the day I was born 19 years ago, woah. What now? WHAT TO DO ON THE BIRTHDAY SINCE MY GIRLFRIEND IS NOT HERE? Just kidding, anyway, I'm super hungry, lates. Leave me some birthday love. :)
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5/6/05 7:17 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Just finsihed my Final Exam for English, made all the revisions and corrections. Here it is, I'm going to take a nap after I turn it in because it is way toooo early.

Nikki, I hope you get this today when you are at school. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND MISS YOU A LOT. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You are an amazing little girl and I want you to know that I love you very much. **HUGS**
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I was interviewed today, hohoho.
5/3/05 4:24 PM - Submitted by Chaz

SAM: Ok, in your own words and without sugar coating, what is NACURH?

HAZ: To me NACURH is a nationally recognized conference that over 300 schools participate in each year. The purpose of NACURH is to connect with students from other schools while building at the same time you are building leadership skills and bringing back fresh ideas to your campus.

SAM: How do you feel NACURH helps the average resident who really isn't involved with RHA or Res Life, but just living within residence halls?

CHAZ: I don't feel that NACURH will help the average student in general. By just living in the residence halls the average student will get the experience of ''college life in the dorms'', maybe have a room mate and just go to school. The way I see it, the student must take the initiative to get involved. Each student should get out there and jump into the big pool of programs and clubs so that they can swim around and find what they like.

SAM: Is the experience gained from NACURH conference applicable back to the halls?

CHAZ: I do feel that the students who do get to attend NACURH should be pumped about getting everyone excited for the Residence Hall Association (RHA). It is their duty to find the students that want to get involved and take them under the RHA wing. (follow up to previous question)

SAM: Ahhh good answer

SAM: Okay, so what would you say to the student who feels sending delegates to Syracuse this year is a waste of money?

CHAZ: I think there are two parts to NACURH, the experience and what you learn. The experience itself will be great, I don't doubt that but what I am looking for is programs that will helpfu for RHA, possibly start new traditions, fresh ideas - that is what I am looking for to bring back to Arizona.

CHAZ: I think sending delegates to Syracuse is a waste of money. It is a 20,000$ conference (correct me if I'm wrong) that 14 people get to go to... Lithsta: that 20,000 could be put towards amneties for the halls, programs for the students, leadership programs, all kinds of stuff.

SAM: So, from your experience of conferences and RHA, what would you say was one personal experience that keeps you going and interested in attending this year?

SAM: One personal experience from RHA that I have gained through my time with this organization is the networking and amazing amount of spirit that each and every individual associated with RHA has.

CHAZ: What keeps me going is the networking and connecting with people at so many levels, building and establishing friendships that will last forever, getting out there and motivating others, getting other people pumped about our organization.

CHAZ: I keep attending because we have not hit our potential, RHA has a lot of power and has a lot of great ideas that have yet to be unleashed or discovered, but when they are... I want to be there and be a part of it.

SAM: Right on Chaz

SAM: You're off the hot seat :-)

CHAZ: Thanks bud.

It was fun, lol. I'm too hungry to write anything else, I'll write more when I get home. I'm in the ILC right now. Lates
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Today is the 3 year anniv. of my fathers passing.
5/1/05 12:58 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Wow, want something that will really blow your mind, watch this video. Click here. The dude draws a skeleton, then a few muscles, then an outfit, the person and wow... I cannot even describe what happens. I saw it on one of my friends away messages, was pretty sweet.

Man, this Machu Picchu project is freaking hard and I must say, I don't know exactly what I should focus on or talk about. I think I am going to attack it from an astronomical point of view, anyway. I have been working on it for quite some time now. The presenation is worth a lot of points towards my final grade in Spanish which is cool. Anyway, homework blows and I have to write an essay this week due Friday morning for my English Final. I am glad it is a take home english paper, but still... grrr, I h8 lots of work. After this week, nothing but smooth sailing until the end of the year. Once that comes, NACURH is here and wow, the year is finishing up fast.

Well, for anyone who was curious as to what I am going to do this summer, here is the plan. May 15, move out of Kaibab (woohoo) in to La Cienega (until June 1). I will live there because I am going to NACURH, in New York, w00t so we have to do some training and prepare ourselves for the national conference. Then when I get home from NACURH, June 1st, I drop all my stuff in storage (sucks) pack up, fly out to Montana to see Brittany for her birhday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, June 3rd. Come home on June 5th which is a Sunday then head out to Tennesse with Zacky boy. We are going to sale school, going to drive straight through to Sales school and probably get there early Tuesday or Monday night (tentatively). So what that means is this.

I will be selling books this summer.

1: I have a place to live, which is good because I have nothing set up here in Tucson and I donīt want to live out of my car like I did over Christmas Break, haha.

2: I will make a lot of money which is good because that will go towards my housing this year so I donīt have to work as much this upcoming school year. 3: Selling books is just something I need to because I was looking over some resumes of people that have done the job a few summers and wow, it is such a powerful tool to have on the resume.

3: I get to travel the U.S., nothing beats that, its what I wanted to do for the summer anyway and I found out where we are going. North Carolina and Virginia, (somewhere on the border) and we will be working with Evelyn Holmquist, same organization that we worked with last year. WOOHOO

Since I am going to do this, my summer plans are all gone, but I have to be back in Tucson by August 15th, so I plan to sell from June 13th to July 31st, deliver the books August 1st to the 7th, check out of Tennessee by the 9th and head to Dallas. Hit Dallas the 11th and stay until the 14th (morning) drive through the night and hit Tucson by the 15th - early in the morning. That way I can make training for my Desk Assistant job, stay in a hotel for 3 days then move into my apartment. That is my schedule and what I am going to do. It is a short summer but next summer will be a full 12 week summer with 2 week of sales school and 1 week of delivery. Man, I am actually starting to look forward to this. The best part is, I get ot see Brittany before I go, already got to see Barbie (since she was so cool to come and visit) and Stuart is going to visist on the 20th of this month. Plus the fact that I get to go to New York in 24 days is just amazing, I am so excited. OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT, MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP. WOWOWOOWOWOWOWOOWWOW, May 10th, I'll be 19 years old, sheesh. Anyway, this was a long post to procrastinate from school but the next few weeks I am going to get back into books hardcore and learn my shit, oh oh. I need to do well and I am going to do well this summer. My goal is 4,000 units which is do-able, 3 volume libraries a day. THREE, that will give me a 18,000 dollar check. <3

Ok folks, that about sums it up, I am selling books and its final. I spent the past 5 months in denial and not wanting to sell books, but I am going to be a man of my word and follow through with it. Sorry everyone, I won't be free this summer but I'll try to call as many people as I can on Sunday, k. Chaz out.
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