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4/2/05 6:25 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Holy crap, I just completed the Post Comment Script. NOW EVERYONE CAN COMMENT ON MY POSTS/UPDATES, HOHOHOHOHO. Thanks to my newly learned PHP skills, a few example scripts and many hours of work, it's done. Now you guys should start leaving comments on the updates. Ok, that's all for now. I am off to study for my Math test on Tuesday, much love.


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Oh damn skippy, Brittany caught a typo.
3/30/05 5:36 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Wow, the weeks are flying by like no other. I was thinking about taking a summer session course here at school, but... when I saw the price I said 'well, fuck that' just like the meteor in the end of the world. $225.50 per unit, and I wanted to take JUST THREE UNITS. Hoho, bitch school. You won't be receiving any money from me for the summer other then what I have to pay.

I went and talked to my advisor today, Joe. I hate how he never remembers my name, and everytime I stop in to see him he always asks me the same things and never remembers what we talk about the previous week, etc... I guess I cannot blame him too much, we did meet over three weeks ago, so eh... whatever, he's a pimp who puts an analogy to everything he says.

I have to go to my icky RHA meeting in a few hours, ewwww. I love RHA, but I am just spent on the 3 hour meetings, they do not need to take that long, period. I think the meetings can be ran much more efficiently in a more timely manner, but who am I to say anything. I just want to find out if I get to go to NACURH or not, that is going to be so much fun. IF IT IS TRUE, then I might need to find a place to stay in Tucson for a few weeks into the summer.

HOHO BITCHES, GUESS WHAT. I FINALLY HAVE CAR INSURANCE UNDER MY NAME, AND IT'S CHEAP TOO, OMGOMGOMG. Geico is true, a 15 minute call could save you on car insurance. The call was 16:23, so close to fifteen minutes. It would have been fifteen minutes exactly but the lady who was helping me, Rebecca, sold books in 1997 before she graduated from the University. Can you believe that? SHE SOLD BOOKS, man... she helped me out a ton on getting car insurance. I also found out that the ticket I got in Mt. Lemon back in the day, on the 7th of March, 2004 fucking boosts my insurance 50 dollars a year. BIG DEAL, they can blow me. Judd, that is the officer who gave the ticket to me. The worst part about it, I came back to my car and it was there, I did not even have a chance to meet the guy who gave me the ticket, grrr.

Anyway, I thought it was cool that I have car insurance under my own name now. I just need to find a job and get Alan off my cell phone bill and one of my checking accounts and bam, I am 100% independent. Oh, by the way. I'll be investing in the stock market this summer, which is something I am going to do over the summer as well. I want to see if I can make some money, so I am going to drop a grand in there. Alright, well I am out of news and information to say.

Just remembered, who wants to pay for chazmaster, I am taking donations. I need 40 dollars to register the website for another two years. Anyone, takers? Help a poor college student out, much love.


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Remember that Spanish Paper... Nope, neither do I, but here one is!
3/30/05 5:36 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Want to know something that sucks? Completing Spanish homework that is due on Thursday at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday night thinking it is due on Wednesday. Well, I looked over my calendar and I realized that my Spanish Composition is due tomorrow, holy shit! So I was in for a world of trouble knowing that I had to write about my name in Spanish, a FULL PAGE, OMGOOSES. Anyway, I am a trooper and I did it, and here it is.

Mí Original Nombre

Anyway, I still have to finish this English homework which I don't think I can hold up to do, oh well. I'll turn it in on Friday, she's cool like that. I love Lille. Oh and by the way, that K-PAX paper that I wrote, haha... yea.... you remember, well it was only a rough draft but I managed to write a B paper for the rough draft, which means I can in and talk to her about my paper, fix up one section and boom, A+. I love Astronomy, who knows what will happen with that, or this class. Mwah, Brittany I love you. Goodnight peeps.
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Remember that English Paper... well... here it is!
3/28/05 9:22 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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I was not happy with the final product of my English Paper so I re-wrote it partially and will be turning that in today, here it is for anyone who cares to read it. It's an In-Context Analysis on Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, enjoy.

A Brave New World: The Psychoactive Drug, Soma

Works Cited

Alright, time to finish studying for Spanish because my nap did not work, lates fools.
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Snatch is absolutely amazing. Seen it? No? WATCH IT!
3/27/05 4:54 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Woohoo, well my paper is finally done and turned in. Finished that bad boy on Friday and now I have to study for a Spanish test that I have this Monday. The weekend has been going good so far, I have been watching Snatch and playing Hero's of Might and Magic III for the past few days as well. Tomorrow is all studying.
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3/23/05 3:54 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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So I decided to update just now at 3:48 PM, hope you enjoy: suckah's! I have to finish my English Paper which I do not feel good about, I deleted a lot of stuff and I'm back down to two pages and it needs to be six pages with three sources. Ugh, class was cancled today so that was a good thing. I have Astronomy homework that I need to complete today and two pages of my English paper that should be completed so that I don't have as much to do tomorrow on my busy day: Thursday.

I hit up Wal-Mart and spent about 35 dollars which joe pitches in 15 for food. We got some yogurt, juice, capri-sun, tortilla's, hot dogs, hot dog buns, water, and other goodies I can't remember what all. OH LOTS OF CINAMMON ROLLS, I LOVE THOSE THINGS SO MUCH.

Well, time to do some Astronomy because I don't feel like writing about Aldous Huxley's - Brave New World right now. By the way, I'm pissed that we don't get a break for Easter Holiday. That sucks, no days off for this weekend, oh well. Not like I celebrate the Holiday or anything, just still. I love having days off of school because of 'religion' :P

I love you all and I will post more soon. By the way, I am one sexy bitch, 8.5 sucka'.


(Looks like this was a nice 6 minute update, wow... I never realized how fast I type these thoughts on my mind. Hoho, damn skippy.
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"Sek C - Jarl Meagher"
3/22/05 1:22 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Are You HOT or NOT?
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First Day Back - ICP
3/21/05 11:38 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Well today is the first day of classes after Spring Break and let me tell you... I am not ready, ha! I did not accomplish anything over break other than work on my program a little bit but that's ok. That is what today and tomorrow are for, it will be like an episode of that one show where they build houses in 7 days for people, deadlines suck! Hope I didn't have anything due today in Spanish because I missed a class last week on Thursday, argh. We'll see chaps, just wanted to get something out there before I ran to class. Lates
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I made it home safely, for those of you who worry.
3/21/05 1:28 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Just so everyone knows I'm alive and back in Tucson I decided to update before I pass out. I had an awesome break which was well spent in Montana with Brittany my girlfriend :P

The trip back was not fun, and saying goodbye was even worse, but I did get to sleep a little on the second flight from Salt Lake City to Tucson. It feels good to be home but it will also feel lonely going to bed alone, with Hug: my teddy bear. Oh well, here are two glamour shots of Brit and I which were taken via cell phone. hoho:

Ok, that is enough for now. Joe is asleep and I am really tired and about to pass out. Oh by the way, I worked on my program a little and it should be decent enough to present tomorrow to the general body. Grrr, I'm nervous because I wanted to work on it more but I didn't. Ha, shit happens and nothing happens when you are on a break from school. Who woulda thunk it?

This is the Chazmiester signing out for the night, the sky is clear, temperature is roughly 60° with tomorrow shining in at a high of 69° and a low of 43° partly cloudy. You know what that means, it's a great day to start school. w00t.

Oh yea, by the way: my uncle is back from Iraq, much love.
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I'll take you to the Candy Shop
3/18/05 11:51 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Ok, so I have to do this program for my residence hall and I have not really finalized it yet, but I have put sooo much work into it so far. WOW, I must say that this is going to suck, the name of the program is called Gotcha so I was thinking about telling them that it is all ready to go and then say "Gotcha, bitches. I didn't do it. HAHAHA!" But I thought that might be a little mean, anyway. Just to let the world know, if anyone in Kaibab reads this, please tell them I will have it done and it will be a geat success! Hoho, time to watch Save The Last Dance with my princess, because I love her! MWAH
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No, I won't answer your calls. That's right.
3/12/05 12:19 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Seriously, I have the best girlfriend in the world. hoho, see you bitches next week mwhahahaha!

Yes, she says that I am a dork, award anyone? Best ever? I think so. Bye So I decided to put just a bit more, oh yeah. Just kidding, lol. Anyway, Damascus you need to call me bro, I have to tell you something, and anyone else who reads this site. LEAVE ME MESSAGES. KTHX

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Being productive = Best Feeling Ever
3/8/05 5:38 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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I have been fairly productive today. I spent the last two hours in the Library writing more on my English paper which is due in about two weeks. Here is my introduction, it's rough but a start:

With the intentions of depicting and prophesizing our future, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World has proven several predictions true. Written in the thirties, Huxley set the basis of the novel so that everything proceeds under the direction of a utopian yet biased world. Huxley revisited his novel several decades later to consider a few points on which he feared he may have been right: the use of psychoactive drugs and the possibility of a tyrannical government ruling people with drugs. He created a futuristic world filled with genetic manipulation, cloning, and the use of psychoactive drugs only to be peopled by creatures of human shape but stunted humanity. The novel portrays an extreme case of dehumanization in his fictional world because the inhabitants do not read, write, think, love or govern themselves. Huxley was right about our increasing dependence on technology for our basic functions like reproduction and the search for happiness. The current state of technology in relation to the psychoactive drugs demonstrates that the use of Soma in Brave New World is much like the use of designer drugs in today’s society: freedom, liberation, an escape.

Alright, I still have some work to do, and when I get home I am going to work on my paper K-PAX which is 5 pages, due on Thursday just as a rough draft. The final paper is actually due a month from now. I also have to finish planning Gotcha for hall council, which tonight - around 12ish I will be making some ''promo'' as my girlfriend would call it to advertise the program. This week seems stressful but it isn't so I am not going to make it any harder than it is, excuse the grumpiness from yesterdays post but I was pissed :P

Much love to my readers, I am going to get through this and have a bitchin' Spring Break, woohoo. Lates.
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You rock, rock. I rule, rule. The ruler is very mad.
3/8/05 1:50 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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I just wanted to tell everyone that I am still alive and things are going well. I am starting to get Spring Breakitus. I don't want to burn out but I do have a lot to do over the break. Itsucks but I have to get it done. I got my midterm grades today for most of my classes and I am not pleased. Spanish - C+, Math D+, Astronomy B+, and English B+. I have been busting my ass and I messed up on the first tests for Astronomy, Math and Spanish so hopefully I can make that up with the later tests in the semester. I talk to my academic advisor on Thursday, fun.

I also have a huge program to finish programming and setting up, Gotcha. I have a feeling they hate me at hall council and I may get the boot, ha. Fucking assholes, they always give me shit -- this new hall director is mean. I am late to maybe 2 out of 10 meetings, sometimes I miss some information but that is why we have two reps. Oh well, I hope they give me the boot so I can not do this program. Who cares about hall council, I am not going to live in the dorms again because of Kathy, she has ruined it for me. This semester of Hall Council in Kaibab has ruined it for me, fuck you guys.

I need to finish a draft for this movie K-PAX which will be fun, alright. Hope you enjoyed my grumpy, mad, upset, gloomy update but I am pissed. Farewell, bitches.
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That's right, I rock Tetris and tetris blocks my world. Get it?
3/2/05 1:43 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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I just fucking owned Tetris. I love my room mate for giving me Jnes, which is named after him, the almighty: Joe. MUCH LOVE BITCHES

ENGLISH PAPER ROUGH DRAFT # 2 Look at that score for the pro man who started on level 9, ended on level 10.
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OMG, Spanish + Math + English + Astronomy = WTF IS TIME??
3/1/05 9:15 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Hmm, I went to bed at 10:30 last night and got some good sleep. Woke up today at 8:30, guess I need the quality 10 hours of sleep I managed to get. Now I am studying my balls of for my Spanish Presentation today. It's a skit, we are in a pizza parlor and it is called Antonio's. Two other guys are in the group, one of which is not the best group member as he thinks he can control everything and do it all, but he can't :P then the other is a cool guy. I am trippin' balls like a spider on LSD because this presentation needs to go well. I also have a huge Math exam on Thursday which I need to prepare for. From today on I will do nothing but Math, math, MaTH, mAth, MAth, maTH, and have I mentioned MATH?

I love you all and I will be back in a few days after my voyage of school comes to an end and the weekend is here. w00t, get back!
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