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Guess this summer is about music, word.
6/30/05 11:31 AM - Submitted by Chaz

So I was listening to the new Tupac Album (well most recent one) Loyal to the Game which was produced by Eminem and Afeni Shakur (Pac's mom) and I was just wondering how on earth he says "Drop that shit Em" in his song Out on Bail, Track # 3. In another song he says "This my nigga Trice" since Obie Trice was featured in the song, and another thing that caught my attention later in that song when 50 cent sings, Tupac says "Tupac in the motha fuckin' house, G-Unit in the fuckin' house." How the hell does he says G-Unit when that shit was WAY after his ''time'' according to his death, September 13 1996. Just curious, I wonder if they messed with his acapella shit and remixed some of it to twist his words. If that is the case, I think that is straight up messed up. I know he wanted his legacy to be known by millions and continued, but I just think they are fucking up his dream. Excuse the language, but there is a lot of anger and I am very upset with the situation over all. I just wish someone could flat out says - HE IS DEAD, or HE IS ALIVE. This is bugging the hell out of me, one day I'll find out. That or in about 70-90 years we know he will be dead no matter what. Cool, :)

I am working on another website too, haha - basically it is just a replica of this one, but it is for a guild in Warcraft, if you have seen this site, then you know what it is already. Click here. Ok guys, I'm done for now. Going to go listen to some ICP, Eminem and Tupac. Those are the bands of the summer btw, ftw. :)

The link should be working, I fixed it hoho.
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C|R|A|Z|Y dream about Eminem this time.
6/27/05 11:24 AM - Submitted by Chaz

God what is up with these crazy ass dreams. This time it was about Eminem. It involved being at a concert, to going backstage, to chilling in a room with a lot of people making up a rap - to going through a drive throoooo with my little sister Heather - to getting free food with the help of Brenda (Stuarts wife). Omg it was intense.

I need a job.
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Crazy Dream about Tupac, not too sure what to make of it.
6/14/05 4:45 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Had a dream about a black guy who impersonated Tupac Shakur and his name was Lenny Zim something. IT was really wierd, because I was in court - watching the trial - Tupac was rapping (Tupac music was playing while I was sleeping) and the other guy started rapping and eventually he was set free, no charges. Then the Tupac impersonator made a flee to his dual hummer, (This is something I saw, two hummers connected together side by side. Tearing shit up, neighborhoods - etc. Then I saw the same guy in the mall and I went up to him and found out he wasn't the real Tupac. Damn I can't even describe how intense this dream was. <3 Pac

Anyway, on a better note - I have been playing a lot of ITG lately, getting high scores which you guys can check out. CLICK HERE.

Hmm...well I'll write some more when I feel like it. :)
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Best time to bring the site back up, woohoo. Sup everyone?
6/08/05 11:11 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Site is back up, look forward to updates when I feel like it, but for now I would like to fancy you with a lovely star jump taken in New York.

Three random people who I didn't know, one person had the camera and took it - got his number so he would send it to me when I got back home and look what we have. A BEAUTIFUL STARJUMP, YAY!! Please discuss. lol.
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