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-FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions please send them here.

It has come to my attention, that no one really knows what the FAQ page is so first off let me give you a little introductory of what it means, and why I actually have this page.

Q: What is FAQ?

A: FAQ simply stands for Frequently Asked Questions, but since no one is asking questions, I'll simply just answer some of the basic questions that some of you may find interesting and others may not :

Q: What is the purpose of DjLith.com?

A: I've always wanted to make a website. I would mess around with Dream weaver, FrontPage, Geocities, Homestead. Then one day I was tinkering around with HTML. Shortly after I started producing Techno/Trance music I wanted to have a website so people could go there and download my music and when they would tell a friend, they would just simply have to tell them the URL. Also, when I feel confident about my music, I may possibly send some samples to Record Labels, and they may view my site if they please.

Q: How do you make your music?

A: I use a variety of programs. For example: Techno eJay, Dance eJay, Rave eJay, Fruity Loops, Sound Forge 5.0, Acid Pro 3.0, and a few others. But for the most part, my old music was made with pre made samples. Now with Fruity Loops and some of the other Synth programs... The possibilities are infinite. 

Q: One of your previous answers stated that you use a variety of programs. Do you have equipment to work with as well?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have equipment. I am currently working on spinning my own mixes and recording them with the following equipment: Two Technics, both SL-1200M3D, and a Pioneer DJM-600 mixer. I have yet to purchase synths or any other type of DJ Equipment at the moment.

Q: Have you played any gigs?

A: Not yet, still fairly new to using equipment rather software. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to spin at a couple of parties, as well as a few local raves. Mainly because I have no way to haul my stuff around, and who wants their parents tagging along right?

Q: How long have you been making music?

A: Roughly 2 years ago... I've always had a real passion for techno/trance and always wanted to produce my own music, even if it were a hobby. A friend of mine told me about this program which he seen at the mall. So one day I stumbled across the software at the mall and just went from there. The program I first started using was Techno eJay. Then I proceeded in buying Dance eJay, Rave eJay, and Special Edition eJay. Now Iím using Acid Pro 3.0, Sound Forge 6.0 and Fruity Loops 3.4. Iím working on getting reasoning, heard it was a great program for producing ambient trance.

Q: Do you design the website yourself?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact; I do. I've wanted to actually have a .com website rather a Geocities or Homestead, but never got around to the html, because for the most part itís a pain in the ass when you start dealing with tables, cells, images, etc... I enjoy it, gives me something to do. Sometimes it can be really relaxing but other times it can be seriously annoying. Just depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

Q: Where do you get the graphics?

A: Well, I started messing around with Abode Photoshop 6.0 about five or six months ago, so I've been making misc./odd images here and there. The thing that is so unique about my website is basically, everything on here Iíve created, made or attempted to do something in that general area. Except for the Games page, I have nothing to do with any of the games on there.

Q: You've mentioned something about the "Games page" What kind of games are they and why do you have them on this website?

A: When I first started DjLith.com, my intentions where to make this website, put some of my music on it, then just dick around with everything else. Sometimes when I go to a friendís house or something, and we get really bored- It is hard to find cool computer games to play, so I put a page dedicated just for Games, whether youíre at school bored or just sitting around at home looking for something to do. That's pretty much the purpose of the Games page.

Q: Where did DjLith.com go?

A: I did not know the credit card that it was on was deactivated or expired (one of the two) so I was sent an e-mail confirming the shut down of the site. Shortly after it went down, I put it on my own, and it is currently running 100% fully operational.

Q: Why are there so few updates every month?

A: Well, at first when I started updating daily, I wanted it to be like an online journal and by updating everyday, it would keep the viewers up to date on events that are going on, or changes that will occur over time throughout the website and what not... The MAIN reason I have not updated in almost two and a half months is because I have no had access to the internet since a few weeks before Thanksgiving... Now I am running Wireless DSL so everything should be good from here on out.