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Randomness, omgooses.
04/06/04 11:04 AM - Submitted by Chaz

I have a pretty trippy dream today, I think it was a combination of two or three dreams. Anyway, from what I remember I was swimming in a lake (more like sliding on the ice) and I was suppose to capture bears. It was like tag, I had to take 50 bears and I'd win. Well I had competition and it was not an easy task to get 50 bears - since the record was 48 by someone last year. I was at 48 bears, I was coming up to take my 4th bear and it was a freaking crazy bear. He was going to kill me, I swear - lol, someone owned it and it was their pet so they tried to sick it on me. I swam and slid up to the end of the lake where there were people who had already finished. I asked them to help me but they didn't really want to because they did not win the 50 bears, the had like 44 or something. There was an aligator on the other side of the ice - he was in the swampy / tree part of the obstacle course. I remember he swam off and was not allowed to cross over to the ice, so I was safe as long as I stayed over there. Well, the crazy bear was still after me but he was still sliding in the opposite direction. The people helped me up and wanted to take my picture because it was would erase my score of 48 bears, I didn't want them to because I wanted to win and I knew I could wind because there were four more bears that I could tag. Next thing I know, I'm standing on some tree and they take my picture, it was the worst picture of me and I gave it back. I do remember from the picture I was wearing a white, collared t-shirt with a blue line on it, haha. My hair was looking good too, but the picture was absolutely horrible. Anyway, then the next thing I know - bam I am inside this house with one of my friends maybe, I don't know who it was and I don't know how I knew the lady, but she was having a baby. She was really close to having it, about ready to pop - then the next thing I know, the baby just slid right out and bam she had the kid. It was painless, very impressive and quite shocking all at the same time. I don't know what the hell that part was about, but it was wierd and I woke up right after. Ok, that was a totally random dream and I don't know what the meaning behind it was, aight. Late

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A Dream About Mike: My dad
04/05/04 6:09 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Today I had a dream about my father in our old house in Flower Mound. It was late at night and I remember I was eating some leftovers, pizza and something else and he came out and asked me if I wanted some beef, or a meal - because we had tons of it in the freezer. I told him no, I was fine with the leftovers and he went out to the living room to get some candy. He grabbed a few pieces of candy and went outside to the pool. I remember him jumping in, I heard the splash and then a brrr because the water was cold. Then he swam under the waterfall where the hot water from the Jacuzzi would spill over into the big pool - it was a pretty pimp set up. I finished eating my leftovers and went to get a few pieces of candy, then put my bathing suit on. I went out to the pool and he was relaxing in the Jacuzzi and I sat down to join him. I don't remember talking to him, but I remember that all of the sudden he disappeared and I woke up shortly after. Fuck I hate that shit sometimes; it feels so real then BAM. JUST KIDDING. Anyway, it was a short one.

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Dreams TEST Post
11/02/04 6:13 PM - Submitted by Chaz

I like pie, I dream about space sometimes, I think it is because of the game called Fantavision. That game is the uber of all playstation games, so relaxing but ONLY if you have a big screen TV to play on. Ownaga, my sister is the coolest.

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