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Oh how I love Montana!
12/30/05 12:30 PM - Submitted by Chaz

So I skipped my flight back to Tucson since one of my flights from Charlottesville to Philly was canceled. They put me on first class from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas. So Paul had to drive me 2 hours to D.C. which didn't make for a good for. When we got to the airport there were at least 15 police cars, a few ambulances, some fire trucks and other misc cars. Turns out some idiot left his car unattended and it caused an evacuation of the airport. Ugh... it was a nightmare but I managed to make it on time.

Now I'm on the airplane and I was sleeping, minding my own business and then I had a rude awakening. The lady sitting next to me spilled her entire cup of apple juice on my lap. That wasn't fun, I had to change on the plane which was pretty hard to change in the tiny bathroom. Oh well. The good news is I am here in Billings with Miss Britalicious. C U
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You rock. Hum dee dum. La dee Da. Joe call me.
12/28/05 5:24 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Much love to everyone. My time has almost come to leave Virginia. I am having such a great time though. We have done a lot of things: trip to D.C., Visited the Ski Resort, Shopping, Eating out at fancy restaraunts, driving around enjoying the beauty of the South, celebrating the holidays with the family. Good times. Heather left early this morning. We drove her to the airport around 5 in the morning and we all just ended up staying up because we weren't quite able to sleep. Unfortunately though she did miss one of her connecting flights so she will be traveling until 7 pm tonight. :(

Merry belated Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends or whomever you spent the holidays with. I wish you all a happy New Year. I will be in Montana with Miss Brittany, woohoo! I can't wait to see my girlfriend, lol. Love you babe. See you soon. Lates all.
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The time is +2 hours from Arizona time...sup?
12/18/05 11:44 PM - Submitted by Chaz

I made it and I'm in Virgina right now. Woohoo. I must say, it is nice to be with family again. I haven't seen Barbie since April or something last year and Paul... I haven't seen him since January so I always like hanging out with them. One of the coolest parts about this trip is Heather came out at the same time. That's pretty exciting even though she doesn't feel too good right now :(

So Barbie and I ran errands yesterday because I pretty much traveled the entire night, flew over ten states in the night with two landings - one in Vegas and the other in Philledelphia then finally I flew into Charlottesville in the early morning. We ate at this all you can eat buffet which was tasty. Today was fun too, Barbie and I spent most of the day shopping. Prsents rock :D and I got a few pairs of jeans, a nice hoody, a few shirts and a new wallet.

Okay well it feels good to just kick it and hang out. Now I need to find out what time 'Da Ali G Show' is playing because boy do I want to watch that show again. Keep it real' keep postin' comments and BOOYASHAKA.

One more exciting thing too that some of you may already know... I get to see Brittany this New Years and we are going to celebrate our first holiday together which is awesome. :D I can't wait to see ya babe. I love you oodles and oodles hehe. POKE!

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The longest flight is coming up tomorrow. OMGOSH.
12/18/05 12:07 AM - Submitted by Chaz

So I take off tomorrow at 7:10 PM from Tucson International to head out to Virginia. I'm really looking forward to the trip out there, and I've heard it is going to be extremely cold which definitely rocks. I <3 cold weather since I'm always in the heated Tucson lol. Anyway... then I'm off to see Brittany and spend New Years with her :D YAY.

POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE, lol I win! Okay, so now I'm really going to do laundry this time and maybe take a shower or something constructive instead of sitting around. Actually, I'm going to watch some 'Da Ali G Show' first, hokay c u all later!
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The semester is over, yaaaaaaaaaay!
12/14/05 11:29 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Oh my oh my the semester is finally over and I have two grades. B in English and B in my science class. Fun update coming tomorrow, have a present for you guys :D
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Dislexicness or Typoness... you tell me - Aprhodite =D
12/13/05 1:42 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Well the semster is officially over for me. I just finished my final for the Gender class which I pretty much rocked. Now I am going to pick up my English portfolio and get the grade for that class. I'm anxious to find out whether or not I made the A or the B, man its killing me! I'll definitely have to let you guys know one way or the other :).

Now, since I stayed up all night and have to work tonight. . . I think I am going to go home after this, try to take a nap - but probably will end up playing some WoW or HL2 then goto work and be bored for 6 hours since everyone is leaving for Winter Break.

Regardless of what I do...I'm super stoked to see my family - well some of my family, hehe. Virginia in like 5 days, thats cool, then Montana in 18 days, sweet. I can't wait to see Brittany. It has pretty much been 6 months since we have spent time together and yeah...thats way to long, let me tell you guys. Love ya babe, got something for you too :D POKE POKE

Hehe, off to English I go...hi ho, hi ho, off to get the grade I go...yiii, oh, oh no, here we go. K no mo.
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Yeah it is true. I did wake up late this afternoon.
12/12/05 11:23 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Today was a pretty unconstructive day if you ask me. I slept in late, woke up... did nothing, took another nap, was a little grouchy hehe, then I laid on the couch and did nothing, watched some T.V., went shopping for some jeans, went to Ross too, bought nothing there but another Christmas present for the kids. Thats about it, I have been studying though for my Gender test tomorrow. It's going to be super easy and I just can't wait to get it over with. I also find out my English grade tomorrow, which I'm praying is an A - hopefully... but if not, oh well another B in the books, no biggie. I gave it my best though, A's on all the papers so who knows, we'll see. Yeah, thats my short, cute, boring update :P

OFF to eat some pizza rolls fresh out of the oven, yay! Hmm something else too, I need toilet paper. SUP CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR CHAZZY. But seriously, Bank of America decided to give me another credit card, cool. NO more cards for me, I have enough, lol. K C U A L L L L A T E R!
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Yeah it is true. I did wake up at 10:30 this morning.
12/08/05 12:02 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Well, everything is done. Now I just can't wait to get my grades. One more test and then I guess everything is done, but that'll come next Tuesday. I'm not worried about it at all ;/ Gender blows, lol - I don't recommend anyone take the course because the instructor is shady. She puts stuff on the test and you have heard in class, but its just weird. I guess she is cool, I did learn a lot from the class but yeah, hohoho almost finished. Anyway, I will be flying out for Virginia on the 18th and I'll get in sometime on the 19th. Doesn't look like I'm going to have time to make it to New Mexico which makes me sad :(

At least next semester I'll be able to just come out for a long weekend or something. I am stoked to go to Virginia, I hope it snows. I also can't wait to learn how to make Matzo Ball Soup from my Uncle Paul :D BUT... the soup I made the other night did turn out really good, so it was damn tasty. I just don't like the insanely high sodium levels :(

So after Virginia comes Montana! I'm pretty stoked about my trip out there too. I got a cheap ticket, but I'm flying in at 3 in the morning 2 days before New Years, lol. Oh well... at least I'll get to just chill and spend it with Brittany. Just the two of us, its going to be so much fun. I really can't wait. Makes me want the time before my first trip go by extra fast but all at the same time not. Yeah, its just crazy. Anyway, lets see here. I'm cold. My hair is wet, my feet or chilly and I'm going to go work out after I eat some food. So until next time, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight.

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I'm so sleeeeeeepy, and I love you Brittany.
12/06/05 2:35 PM - Submitted by Chaz

WOW. This semester is almost over and it just flew by like no other. Seriously, just yesterday I was buying books hehe. Anyway... I have two classes down, one grade so far. I pulled an 86% in my NATS 104 class which was pretty sweet because that means its a solid B, and I am finished with my tier 1 science gen eds. I finished my English class as well but do not get the grade for that one until next Tuesday. Then my last class, the most annoying one but most interesting of all - Gender in Contemporary Society. I take the last exam next Tuesday and if I get 35 out of 50 or above, then I'll score a C in the class. If I can miracuously get 50 out of 50 then I'll get a B in the class but haha... so it looks like my grades are going to be A, B, C or B, B, C or if all else fails B, B, D. I'll keep you guys posted even though it doesn't really mean too much. I just need to get in good standing with my University haha, that's all I'm worried about. It's going to happen, because I am going to make it happen. Woohoo. Also finished everything on my TO DO list, and yeah, going to take a nap right now. Work at 6, lates.

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THE END IS NEAR. SO CLOSE. OH MY! This semester that is.
12/04/05 1:08 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Hmm, so today is Saturday and I totally thought it was Friday, time flies. I need to be working on a paper for English that is due on Tuesday. It will be no big deal, seriously - no page requirements, and it is just a self reflective essay. I did do a lot of studying for my gender class today. Typed all the notes, went over everything and yeah, good stuff. Then I went over to Joe's place for a while, was just bored and hung out with him and his girlfriend. Sup. So yeah, here I am now - up and just finding stuff to do while I wait on a phone call hoho. I think I'm going to update the pictures page, so expect that soon. :D

My finger hurts which sucks. I clipped my nail a little too short and it just, yeah, ouch. I should do some laundry but instead I am going to go enjoy some milk and cookies, along with some picture updating on the site. :) don'tcha love me?

BECAUSE I SURE DO. lol, catch you on the flip side.

Some more really exciting news is I get to see Brittany for New Years this x-mas break. That's going to be a blast :) HOKAY, I can't wait to see you lovie.
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I'm definitely in love x2
12/01/05 12:01 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Brittany and I have been having the best conversations the past week on the phone and it definitely rocks. I love her so much and wouldn't ask for anyone else. I must say I read over all the e-mails and conversations we have said / done in the past year and each one gives me that 'tingly' feeling inside. She means the world to me and every minute I get to spend with her is just...indescribable; k breath Chaz. Yeah, for anyone who doesn't know - I'm im love for sure. Just wanted you all to know! I love you tons baby. You are my sunshine and that'll never change...so I hope you are ready to shine for a super long time, hoho.

Oh yeah, another cool thing about this update is look at the time and date it was posted, yah.

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