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So, we meet again my good friend.
12/30/04 4:45 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Woohoo, I am here. Feels good to load up the computer and actually play some games and just fart around on the internet on my own computer. We are playing GunBound right now, Damascus, Stephanie and I are having a blast.^,^

I messed up on my cell phone plan and something changed on the 21st of December with my plan. What happened was I am paying about 100 dollars a month on average and I wanted to pay about half of that. So I wanted to change the plan down to a little less minutes but more text messages. Here is what it turned out to be, 0 text messagess, 500 minutes (Only to Nevada, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tucson and Phoenix give or take), 0 picture messages, NO LONG DISTANCE and none of the In Network calling Verizon-to-Verizon.

Now my bill is at 200 dollars more or less and it really blows because I don't want to keep dishing out money to these fuckers the way I am... So now I cannot use my phone for the next three weeks unless it is in Tucson and on the weekends or after nine o' clock. This blows, but I'm having fun right now. Cool.

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Vacation is going well, omgooses!
12/29/04 2:47 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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So or those of you who like to keep up with my life, here you go. Nice, big, fat, juicy vacation update. Well, I must say that I am pleased that I am having such a great time out here on vacation. First I was down in San Diego with Stuart, his family and my two older sisters. We did indeed have a blast, we traveled to Disneyland California, Legoland, and stayed at the Pacific Terrace Hotel which was straight on the beach in San Diego, YES. We at like kings, Joe's Crab Shack, some all you can eat sushi, Macaroni Grill, Lobsters, Fish, Seafood, woah... I was definitely living large. Thank you so much Stuart for taking the time to hang out with us on your vacation. I love you guys and I'll come out to visit in January before I go back to school!

Ok, so I have been hanging out with my family, Jasmine and David, Heather and Nikkie and Paul & Barbie. It has been fun, but I am glad to go up north to chill with Damascus and Stephie^^. <3 Ok, well I am too tired to continue writing and I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow to Middletown, lates.

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That Chaz is so hott right now. Zoolander <3
12/17/04 3:03 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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|Guess What|

I feel like updating, what a suprise. Well, last night my good computer was haxxored and too much spyware is on the poor guy. I was lucky enough to reformat another computer and leave it all set to use before my bud Alan took back his XP disk. I filled out another survey, make sure you check it out... I did not want to fill the front page with these things so I have a new page for surveys only, haha I get them all from livejournals and those horrid mass e-mails.


Anyway, I am just chillin right now. Good news is I was able to go down to the courts and take care of my legal issues dealing with parking tickets and community service. That was good, had I of waited until January 1, 2005 there would have been a warrant out for my arrest which I think would have blown monkey nuts. That is ok, I don't have to worry about it :) NEXT, I have to get some car insurance, that should be no problem. Hohoho, calling around right now too. Hmm, so I do not want to leave the dorms for winter break. I miss being able to have time off of school and NOT have to move for once, guess I just have to deal with it until I get settled down somewhere. I am still trying to think what I want to do for the summer. I am still sitting on the fence about selling books again, or traveling to see family and friends. It'll all work out I'm sure of it and I am not too worried about it right now. I am stoked to get to go to California, Hollywood, Santa Cruz, Nashvhille and Dallas this break. Damn, it will be jammed pack but exciting at the same time.

Something else I cannot wait for next is next semester. I really want it to get here fast, I want to have a fresh start and totally bring my GPA back up to par. I am a 4.0 type of a guy, but after this semester it looks like I won't be able to exceed a 3.94 if I straight A the rest of my college career. :)

Ok, so I have had a lot of emotions/feelings lately and they are treating me well, haha.. did you like that one? They are all good, just have not had them in a long time I guess you could say. Even better news! I got a teddy bear!!!!!!!! Definitely my first one in a very very long time. It is pretty cute and soft, it says "A hug from Montana". Thanks Brittany, you are the best - I can't tell you that enough.

So tomorrow is a little ''Christmas'' deal with my family down at the house and I am going to get some presents later on tonight I think. Nothing too big, just some little toys here and there for everyone. I am not into the holidays right now, it does not feel like Christmas at all to me, I use to be so pumped and excited about this stuff... oh well, what can I do. :/

OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH, can't touch this... mmm.... music...

Ok, I'm done for now. MWAH

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It's a great day to be the bookman!
12/16/04 9:56 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Ok, F*** OFF COMPUTERS AND SPYWARE. Sheesh, this has really pissed me off the past day. I have never been so furious at my damned computer. I recently booted up a new computer with XP Professional and now it is infected with tons of spyware. Ok, so me being pissed = grr. Talk to everyone later when I feel like added more to this post, blaaaaaah.

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Everyone gets a little rash here and there...
12/16/04 12:34 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Woohoo, finish semester #1. So I just took my last final this morning at 8:00 and it was fairly easy. I feel pretty good over-all about this semester, had a few mishaps but no worries. I have received only one grade so far and that is English - B. Kinda cool, so now I am bored and I do not leave until Saturday morning at 11. I am going to California and my two oldest sisters will be out there as well, Heather and Nikki. We are going to celebrate Christmas out there with my aunt and uncle David and Jasmine, then Barbie and Paul will be out there as well so it should be pretty fun.

I am really stoked that I get to see Stuart next Monday, he is going to take my sisters, his kids and myself to Lego-Land or Disney Land... something like that, we are going to have fun.

I woke up this morning with this rash-type thing on my left arm, it is really weird and I am trying to figure out what it is. I just can't quite tell, it does not itch or anything but it is a little red. Oh well, if it does not go away later on today then I'll go to the doctor tomorrow and check it out. I remember a few years ago I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosacea which was really weird. No problem, if I run my fingers over it then it hurts a little. I am thinking this bad boy is also known as Heat Rash, but then again... I slept with my window open last night so maybe I am alergic to something. BLEH, it must go away asap or this will annoy me. Haha, ok.

I am really tired and I just want to take a nap, this stuff is really bumming me out. It's all good, my nights always get better :P

THANKS YOU! (You know who you are, ;))

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Brittany <3
12/13/04 11:59 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Hello Ashley, what's up? How are you?
12/13/04 11:53 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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What's up? Ladies is pimps too, go on and brush your shoulders off. A little birdy from Montana told me that you like to look at my website. I decided to write this post JUST for you. YAY, ok so I don't know really what to put on here... Well, Brittany is not very much help because I asked her to help me with what to write. Ok, guess I need to do this myself. Here goes,

La de la la la de de dun dun dun la de le la la, you followin? La dun dun nun un un nun dun nun la la de de de la la. Ok, there... I just hummed a song for you, just for you! Talk to soon, stay fresh~!

OH, OK. It's on, now I know what to write. The battle between who this post goes to. You or Brittany, who will decide. Hit me up, just to chat, truly yours, Chazmataz.

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Chips Ahoy! Oreos, M&M's, Extra, Bubble Yum, Candy, mmm....
12/12/04 8:05 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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• Name: Chaz Michael Allen Totschek
• Eyes: Blue
• Hair: Buzzed
• Hair Color: Blondish/Brown
• Height: 6'
• Shoe Size: 11 ½
• Have tattoos?: No
• Have piercings?: Tongue Ring
• Have a GF? Pretty much..
• Own a webcam?: Fo sho, doesn't everyone?
• Wear cologne?: Kenneth Cole - Black or Curve


• Flown on a plane: Yes
• Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No
• Missed school because it was raining: Yes
• Told a girl that you liked them?: Yea, a few times
• Put a body part on fire for amusement: No but I watched a few buddies of mine spray their hand with hair spray then light it on fire for a few seconds.
• Had a crush on a friends girlfriend: There is a big difference from having a 'crush' on a friends G/F opposed to thinking she is cute. I've done the second one.
• Been hurt emotionally: Sure, every now and then... shit happens.
• Had an imaginary friend: Heh, maybe!
• Ever thought an animated character was hot?: I don't remember what show/who it was, has been a long time.
• Been on stage: Yes, several times.
• Cut your hair: Yes, mwhahaha. I am so pro at that.
• Had crush on a teacher?: Yea... (I think it was back in elementary when you just start to have crush's)
• Had a crush on a Doctor?: No, but my last doctor's name was 'Moorhead'


• Fav Color: Glow in the Dark (It's a real color, honestly...)
• Day/Night: Sunset into the night.
• Summer/Winter: Winter
• Lace or Satin: Both are hott stuff, Lace though.
• Cartoon Character: The sloth (voice by John Leguizamo) in Ice Age.
• Fave Food: I'd have to say chinese, but lately... chicken
• Fave Advertisement: It's a really really good one, but I just cannot remember it right now. I'll see if i can't find it later.
• Fave Drink: Ice cold pepsi, but lately gatorade
• Breakfast Food: French toast, without a doubt.
• Ice Cream: Ehh, too much saturated fat/sugar for me to <3
• Fave sport: Ultimate Frisbee


• Wearing: "I didn't do it." Black T, boxers from the Gap, some socks from Wal-Mart, and shorts.
• Eating: Taco Bell leftovers.
• Drinking: Gatorade (GLACIER)
• Thinking bout: These damn inquisitor's gloves and Brittany. Also what I have to do before I leave the dorms for a few weeks. My community service which I was unable to do in time, gotta take care of that soon. Thinking about what I'm going to do about my computer since my Windows is about to crash and I will be without an operating system... once again. Just a few things. :)
• Listening to: Nothing, room mate is sleeping and I don't feel like sporting the DJ headphones at the moment.


• Cried: No
• Worn jeans: No
• Met someone New online: Yes
• Done laundry: Yes
• Drove a Truck: No
• Talked on the phone: Yes
• Kissed someone: No
• Said "I love you": No
• Picked a wedgie?: Ha, you betcha.


• Yourself: Very strongly
• Your friends: Of course, the ones that I am skeptical about know it :P
• Santa Claus: Yeah, just talk to him tonight. Got that wish-list ready to rock and roll.
• Tooth Fairy: No, sadly
• Angels: Yes
• Ghosts: Maybe
• UFO's: Negative
• God: Yes
• Love at first sight?: Did ya feel that, or should I walk by you again.


• Do you ever wish you had another name?: Chaz is pretty damn elite, don't think I could go for anything other than the names that were going to be given to me...(Streets, Max, Maximillion)
• Do you like anyone?: Lots of love for everyone, what can I say? Yes
• Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: Damascus
• Who have you known the longest of your friends: Kevin
• Who's the loudest: Rough question, hard to answer this one. We are all pretty damn loud.
• Are you close to any family members?: Very much so.
• Who's the weirdest?: My room mate, by far the weirdest cat. Ha! Get it, cat (Wildcat) my school's mascot. Pwned.
• Who do you hang out with the most?: My room mate since he is my roomy, then I'd have to say some peeps from RHA.

Finish each sentence:

• Let's walk in the: rain holding hands.
• Let's run through: the waves of ocean at the beach.
• Let's look at the: stars at night laying on our backs talking about good times.
• What a nice: day it is outside to go swimming.
• Where did all the: time I had this semester go?
• When will it: ever snow so I can make snow-angels with my little sisters.
• How can: I stop this stupid pain in both of my knee's?
• Why can't you: stay in the dorms over winter break?
• Silly: rabbit, tricks are for kids.
• Show me some: of that sweet lil'...
• The sky: is ever so blue, I can't help but to think about you!
• Tell me: the answer to life.
• Hide me: from the monsters who creep under my bed at night.
• Love me: like you'd love your own dog. (Hey... who doesn't love a dog?)
I hate when: things are planned to go so perfectly yet they crumble and turn out the complete opposite.


• Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
• Sprite or 7UP: Sprite (Never had 7up)
• Girls or Guys: Girls > Guys
• Scruff or Clean shaved: Clean shaved, (definitely not me right now)
• Blondes or Brunettes: Blondes are crazy and my <3 but brunettes are just, aaaah... yes, undescribable. Answer: Neither - I'd take a girl with highlights, that is the best.
• Bitchy or Slutty: A combination of both is always better than one or the other.
• Tall or short: Short, I like it.
• Pants or Shorts: Nothing, but since I have to chose, shorts.
• Night or Day: Night, oh man... again?


• What do you notice first: Type of personality, tone of someone's skin. (too dry, too moist, etc...)
• Last person you slow danced with: Woah, I can't even remember her name.
• Worst Question To Ask: How much do you weigh?
•Last person you kissed: Sara
•Last time someone said they loved you: My little sister, Heather last night on the phone.

Just a little survey thing that I had a little fun with. :) Was damn fun filling it out, I think I'll do another one if I can find some... Ok, so I went to my first basketball game yesterday which was really fun. It was us vs. Utah and we did beat them by about five points. There were a lot of fouls and penalties, free throws, and just dumb mistakes but it was all good. My phone's ringer finally started to work again which is really good news. The other good news is I will be getting a new cell phone on Monday and hopefully I can salvage all the numbers/ring tones from this one and transfer it over to the new phone. If not, then I am going to be really pissed. Oh well, we will see what happens.

I have nothing to do until Thursday so I could study for my MIS final, but I know I will pass that class with an A so I am really excited about that. This semester has been a long one, lots has happened, lots of changes have occured in my life and it is something that has definitely taken some time to get use to but more or less, I am doing well. I have met some very interesting people but at the same time I have met some extremely fake people as well. It's all just a part of life and I am very fortunate and thankful to be where I am today because of the person who I am and the things that I have experienced. I guess I'm just lovin' life and there are really no words to express that other than the simple fact of I RULE.

Nothing really going on today, probably going to go see my lil' sisters, hopefully I can make it down there. Things have been hectic with finals week and all, but I am near the end and soon my vacation will be here. wOOhOO. Alright, much love to Brittany, stay cool - "girl you know you're my world" - just lose it... heh, lates.

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Today is going to be a great day, and I know it!
12/06/04 8:21 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Sup peeps, I know... no update in a while whaaaaaaat? Well here goes the super-duper long update. We shall see how long it gets before I decide to submit it. OK, so I decided to start the day off with a post. I have about an hour and a half before class and I felt like updating my website. Well as most of you know, (especially those who e-mailed/called me) I was not having a ''positive'' day several days ago. Things are actually looking much better just to give a little update on that. I bought my plane ticket to fly out to Montana in Jan and it's just like, ...oh...my...goooses, ecstatic. It will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it, ok cool.

I was actually able to sleep yesterday/yesterday night which was a miracle. First time in a long time I was able to get some good rest, granted I woke up a few times but still. That's just the jump-start to my day. I took a nice long shower last night then went and busted some video games with Timothy, my fav RA. Ha! I definitely kicked his ass at Fantavision, we drove around for a bit and got coffee down at Coffee Exchange too.

To be totally honest, I don't know why I feel so good this morning but I do feel the need to reiterate the fact that I feel like one sexy biatch. Anyway, yea... so I have had a smile on my face pretty much the past week thanks to a special someone, :). <3

Definitely a vital factor to why I am in such a great mood.

I want to write something but I have no idea at all what to write, I just know that I have been neglecting to update my webstite for a while. Today for some odd reason I just felt like updating out of no where. Kinda weird, maybe why I have nothing to say? Oh well, so finals are almost here and I did not do so well on my Business Admin. Excel final. I had to get 690 to pass the actual test to become certified by certiport and I only scored 598. That means I fell about 102 points short out of a 1000 point scale. Basically, I bombed it with a D. The funny thing about this stupid test, is not only is it timed; the information and questions were completely irrelevant to what we actually did in the class. (It was a teach it to yourself, online course). No one I know has passed this final, and I do know quite a few people in this class. Hopefully there is a curve but I am going to sign up to take it again. Bleh, had I of not ran out of time I think I would have been able to pass the stupid test. Enough ranting about that, grr makes my temperature rise just thinking about how bitch the teacher is.

So I have some bitchin' plans for this winter break and it is going to be unbelievable. As soon as I finish my last final on the 16th this month for MIS, I am going to back my bags and head out to California. I will stay with my Aunt and Uncle (David and Jasmine) along with my two sisters, Heather and Nikki as well as my other Aunt and Uncle (Paul and Barbie) for christmas. The best part about going out there is Stuart, (a close friend of the family, a second father to me) will be in town with his family for one week. The Saturday before Christmas to Christmas Day. So we are going to plan something to where we meet up and go to either Lego Land, Magic Mountain, Sea World, or Universal Studios, (maybe all of them). Then it will be a lot of fun to spend some more time with my sisters and family, just being able to relax for a bit is what really makes me happy. After my sisters leave I am going to drive up to Santa Cruz and spend New Years with Damascus and Stephanie, which will be a lot of fun. I had a blast when they came from Rhode Island to Arizona for my graduation, it is definitely something I will never forget. Hmm, I don't know how long I am going to be up there, but I know for a while at least. Then the rest of the break will be cool to relax and do absolutely nothing, w00t. Heh, I'm a nerd, yes and you love me.

So I am just rambling and this post is really going no where nor does it flow at all but it is still fun none-the-less to just write about this and that.

Song of the day (1): Kanye West- The New Workout Plan

Song of the day (2): Eminem - Just Lose It

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I have never felt so down, depressed. What the fuck?
12/03/04 5:38 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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I have some serious re-evaluating of myself to do. I have no idea what is wrong with me, I don't even feel like eating or moving my body. That's all.

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