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My Bio: a few details about me
Here is the rundown of some pretty basic facts about me, or as some of you prefer calling it "My Bio" but whatever, here goes-

Birthday: May 10, Big Bang; Taurus

Location: Planet Earth

School: Alumni of the University of Arizona

Major: B.A. Psychology; Business Marketing/Entrepreneurship

Appearance: Blue Eyes

Car: Special Edition

Living Status:Alive

Relationship Status:

Job: I sell security systems door to door all across America. Providing my clients with the best support and service possible.

Interests: SOCIALZING!!! Biking, Music, Computers, Traveling, Spinning, Making Music, Movies/TV, Web Design, Computer Graphics, Editing Music / Movies, Knowledge, Spirituality, Reading, Space, Life

Favorite Foods: ALL THE FOODS: american, italian, sushi (well fukishima messed it all up so only from the Norweigan Sea now), indian, chinese, pretty much everything

Favorite Drinks: Water, Tea, and Strawberry Banana Smoothies...mmm...tasty!

Music: Pretty much all music, especially electronic, classic rock, old school hip hop, classical

Quote: "If you do the things you have always done, you will get the same results. Grow, break out and develop."