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Half Life Deathmatch: [xTc] smokeythebear
8/28/05 5:16 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Well, I have been playing Half Life Deathmatch 2 lately and here are the results :P

Best Game
And Another

Well, thats pretty much it. Oh and I probably am going to get into my clan. TWC :P
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Hmm, waking up early is the bomb. w00t.
8/25/05 10:01 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Woohoo, I woke up really early today which is good. Now I just need to get out of the house within 30 minutes so I'll make it on time to class. Its going to be a good day. :) Smile

My back hurts pretty bad, I'm sure its just sore from moving in last week. Maybe I did something wierd? I donno, but its getting better. Better than it was yesterday. BTW, I have a new buddy. /wave
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Trying something new out, tell me if you figure it out.
8/23/05 1:41 AM - Submitted by Chaz

It's about time, freaking no more Microsoft Windows problems. I had to buy the damn operating system, so I bought it through my school for 300. Sucked, but whatever, gotta do what I gotta do. Installed all my programs for school and I've noticed that I have a shitload of time now that I don't play many video games anymore. Wow, great, ok gotta go to sleep. Dead tired and class in 9 hours. See ya^^
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New Apartment, pics on the way.
8/20/05 2:40 PM - Submitted by Chaz

So I finally moved in, and yeah. Wow, the things you never realize you could not live without until you start over fresh. Hold up, let me re read that sentence, haha. Ok, the things you don't realize thats needed to do daily tasks , even the simple ones like cleaning dishes or cooking eggs.

My Auntie is about to leave in a few hours so we are heading to the airport soon. Sad, :( We had a really good visit, it was a lot of fun having her come help me set up my new pad. I love it, its pretty pimp. I feel like its going to be a good year :)

Now I just need to get my books and some supplies for school next week, woohoo. Finally, no more boredom, yuh. Ok leetness, cu guys late.
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$ Oh No, My Oh My, No Oh $
8/16/05 12:17 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Yo all. Anyway yeah, I just finished DA training and let me tell you how fun that was. E-A-S-Y as cake, and its going to be boring too but oh well. I got my schedule for the year and ten hours a week = no problem.

So the past few days have been fun, let me go ahead and tell you about them. Well last week once I moved out of Pueblo de la Cienega (where I was staying on campus for the summer) I decided that I should drive out to New Mexico to go see the family for a few days. I chcked out on Wednesday at 6:36pm. Then I drove as fast as I could to my storage unit where I had opened up another unit earlier that day. The gates close at 7pm and when I got there, it was 7:20. Lucky for me, the gates were broken, hoho. I dropped off all of my bulky belongings and went to the Manager's house which is on the actual lot that the storage units are on. I told her that the gate was broken and I have been stuck for a few minutes, she let me out - no problem, no charge which was really pimp then she shut the gate. w00t.

Everything I own is in storage except my valueable stuff, that was in the car. I drove to the gas station, called my room mate to see what he was doing then I called Uncle Paul. I started talking to him, and without even thinking about it I just started to drive to New Mexico. Well I talked to him for a good hour or so until the phone cut out, then decided I was too tired to continue driving. I saw a Holiday Inn off the highway and decided to make a stop. Too tired to bother getting out of the car, I went to the back, parked and just fell asleep. I woke up around 3-4 in the morning, then I thought in my head, ok BRUSH the teeth with the water bottle, pull out the RandMcNally road map, fire up the stereo and bam. On my way. Thats just what I did, in that exact order too, woah. Anyway, so I started driving and was feeling a little cold, so I turned on the heater. Thank god that works, left that on for a while as I continued to drive. I felt tired again, pulled over at another rest stop for about 20 minutes, then continued driving. I ended up getting in around 11a.m. or so, everyone was juiced to see me because they didn't know I was coming (well that is what some of the kids said).

I had a blast, we celebrated Josh's birthday, he turned 6 yesterday, but we had a little family party on Saturday. I bought him a Spongebob Square Pants video game for the GameCube and he was given some other cool little presents. I hung out with Heather for a little while, but I'd say most of the time she was on the phone with her boyfriend Andres who lives in Tucson. Overall I had a really good time and was glad I went out there to see everyone. They all started school yesterday - was their first day so I'm sure they are really enjoying life atm.

RIGHT NOW, and for the past few days I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my damn apartment to let me move in. Thursday at 9 A.M. I will be there, first person with my car loaded, ready to move in because I am tired of pulling laundry out of my car, staying with friends, not being able to take a shower any time I want, stuff like that you know. So...I'm glad that only a few more days until I get to move in, woohoo. Until then... living out of the car really ROX, yeah, try it.

I don't have much to say other than I am bored and have nothing to do for the next eight hours until my friend (thats for you Brittany) gets off work and her fiance gets off as well, lol. Then I guess I'll go over there and probably pass out on the couch.

BTW, this goes out to my daily daily of the dailiest readers of all, so you know who you are. Even if it doesn't seem like it - I'm still having a hard time with what happened over the summer. I guess, in my mind I just have to let go, even though I don't want to. What I mean is I have to let go in that sense that you are not mine anymore and that it is ok for you to do whatever you want because well... you know. So yeah, I'll do that I guess. :/

AND AS FOR ALL OF YOU OTHER BIA...PEOPLE OUT THERE, I love you and I will see you later. <3 lates.
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8/08/05 7:58 AM - Submitted by Chaz

Heero: the definition of newblet, n00blet, or newbie. I must say this little dwarf - err, gnome who rides a cat is totally a noob. Anyway, biatches. Peace out.

Basically I felt like showing off, haven't slept and the World Servers are down for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sucks waiting 6 hours to play a game, haha. Anyway, I did some surfing, paid a few bills, played some PSP, chatted with old friends, vented, talked to people, uhhh... more stuff but I'm too tired to think about. I want to sleep all day, but I think I should move stuff to my storage unti soon, we will see what happens. Peace once again, oh and BTW The post I made earlier means that Brandon = suck, kthx. Just kiddin man, love ya. LOL
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Wooho, school starts soon ;).
8/05/05 9:38 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Looks like I still have a website, rofl. I forgot for a while - just have not been around to update. I have been busy setting up things for this year, re arranging my schedule for school. Apartment, bills, car, family moving, hmm finding a place to stay for a while, Albquerque soon, damn lots to do. Such little time.

Send some love, leave a message ^^

Chaz out.

P.S. I love you all.
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