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Sunday, recovery day. The day was wasted but well spent.
08/30/04 2:40 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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Where to start? The exact same problem I had while trying to type up one of my English essays which I have yet to complete. Cool, so here we go. I woke up around 3:30 or so by my room mate Joe. Awesome cat, but my day was slept away and ruined pretty much because of how much fun I had on Saturday. Yeah right, when you're in college no matter what time it is you can still have fun. Last night proves that without question.

Upon waking up, there were a million things I wanted to do, but such little I had actually accomplished. I always love when that happens. /sarcasm. Anyways, I essentially ended up showering and feeling a lot better. Changing into fresh clothes and being clean is one of the best feelings in the world. I do remember playing GunBound for a little while and not much else. Turns out it was around 5:00 in no time. I can vagely remember the day now that I try to think back on it, but I did nothing but play Video Games and hang out with Natalie. I'll go ahead and skip the day and jump into hanging out with Natalie since that was a good ten minutes ago.

Natalie, an angel, how else to describe her? Yep, she is way cool. She’s down to earth, laid back, has beautiful eyes and an awesome personality. Let me give a little history on how I met up with Natalie real quick then I'll quantum leap back to where I leave off. JOKE!

Well on Thursday I wanted to do my Math Homework. I know it was not due until Tuesday, but I figured I should get a head start on it and finish it early. I went downstairs to the Old Basement and accomplished four problems. After that I had fell asleep on my book and accomplished nothing for the next three hours. Countless people came down and bothered me, hah! That was funny too, so I ended up not being able to do my homework because the Basement just caused me to fall asleep, quite weird actually... but oh well, it was all for the best. I migrated over to the couch as someone had mentioned to me that would probably be a lot more comfortable than sleeping in the chair in an awkward position. After being asleep for 5-6 hours now, I was woken up by Natalie.

What I think really happened was I woke up and she just happened to be there and being the social butterfly she is, she said something and it turned into a conversation. So we exchanged numbers and I did have a blast talking to her, but she had to continue her reading of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, (one of my personal favorites). I knew the next day she had marching band all day, as well as Saturday. So it has been a catch - tag type of situation going on, hah... Its ok, we finally met up tonight which was fun. I saw her downstairs when I was trying to get people to vote for me as Director of Programming and RHA Residence Hall Assistance. I think four or five hours passed until we finally talked on the phone to meet up. So we go down to the Old Basement, the place where we met and chatted for a while which felt really good because I have not talked to anyone like that in a long time. I had a blast and even though she had to wake up in less than four to five hours she still talked to me which was probably one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me in a long time. LOL, I do indeed feel like a dork typing all this up, but all in all, I like her. Alright, with that being said... I need to get some sleep for my court date tomorrow. Big day, woo... 10:00 in the morning and I do not have a ride at all to get there, holy cripes this is no good.

Looks like I'll call a Taxi or a Cab to be my transportation. Oh my gooses, I love being a college student. This is the life, seriously... I just want to thank everyone for telling me to go and I especially want to thank you Chase for encouraging me to life in the dorms. You guys rock, and I rule. GOOD NIGHT.

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A Night Out In the Town... omgooses - updated
08/29/04 6:29 AM - Submitted by Chaz

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So you all know that when I'm posting at 6:30 in the morning something good went down right? Ha! Where to begin, oh man... I am literally too tired to type so this update will be updated when I wake up.

Well just to let you guys know what the story was behind last night here it goes real quick then read the update for today. KTHX.

So first I wanted to go down and see Natalie, since I have not really seen her in the past few days, :/... then it turned out I went to hang out with her neighbors, Sarah and Darah. They were really chill and we started to talk and it ended up being I was there for maybe 2-3 hours. So anyways, Sara went and got ready because it was Saturday night and we all wanted to go out so we would not be complete losers who stay at home on a Saturday night at 11:00. I called a few people, there were several parties going on but I have no car so no way to get there... After that we ended up going to visit her sister (identical twin) in the new dorms. That was cool, nice walk over the campus and it turned out to be pretty laid back. So we ended up talking outside for a while then we met some other people, Leah and Sara. After some more time had passed, it was around 1:30 or so and we went into Omar's room to see how huge it was. Indeed, it was freaking MASSIVE! Seriously, the dude has such a large room it was sickening. We hung out there for a while, just holding conversations and what not. After that we decided we were hungry and were going to go back to Sara and Darah's room to eat some food. On our way back to Kaibab (my dorms) we were hit up by our fellow college peers and asked if we wanted to smoke out of a Hookah. They had grape tobacco in it and said it was a really smooth hit while offering it to Sarah, Darah and myself. We declined, which I didn't really feel like participating in that particular event... However, we ended up going back to the dorms and Natalie showed up as well as this drunken kid named Brian, HAH! That was funny as well as awesome. So Brian was hilarious being drunk and all from his Fraternity Party and what not... We talked for a while, and I ended up going back up with Brian to make sure he got to his room safely and quietly. I just didn't want to see him get into trouble for having fun and totally ruin his experience of being drunk at college, ha. I mean c'mon... the kid had seven goldfish inside his stomach from taking shots with fish inside them and just had a blast being pledged into his frat... Who on earth would want to see that go sour, OH WAIT THE RA'S! (Resident Assistance’s) They are the guys who pretty much watch over the dorms and make sure everyone is following the rules and being quiet.

So I went up to his room while he tried to convince me to join his frat, which I don't think I want to do Phi Kappa Psi or whatever it is. Then I ended up going back up to my floor, the Penthouse as I like to refer to it as. I went over to Avi and Alans room and they were completely gone, I mean totally baked. So then I come back to my dorm and I was going to update what had happened, but had I of done that, then the rest of this post would not even exist, so that did not happen. I felt tired but not quiet tired enough to fall asleep and I did not want to sit around playing games on the computer which is what I probably would have done. I decided to leave and venture around the campus for a brief period of time. Now it was around 4:30 and I was not tired at all. With that being said, I started my journey around the University of Arizona. I did see interesting things as well as sad things. I saw cops breaking up parties and busting people who were walking around drunk and I did see homeless bums sleeping on benches. I tried to take a picture of one just for fun, but it was too dark out for my phone to register anything with no flash. After walking around campus for a while the sun started to rise and I wanted to watch it. Ok, so here goes my trip back to the Dorms, I am completely sleep drunk by this time, (I like to call it sleep drunk when I am totally zombified out and not all there). I stopped at every information sign and campus directory I saw. Eventually I made it back safely and decided to sit on top of the Tyndall Parking Garage to watch the sun-rise. I figured it would be one awesome experience and a cool thing to have done on a Saturday night besides getting drunk like 94% of the college students.

I had a newspaper to act as a pillow because lying down on the concrete ground is not the prettiest feeling, and a water bottle for when I was thirsty. I took the elevator up to the 5th floor, which is an outside roof (of course) and there was not a single vehicle parked up there which made it quite peaceful actually. I laid down near a parking sign and figured I could watch the sun rise then go to my dorm and sleep my Sunday away. WRONG! BAD IDEA CHAZ!

It was funny because I remember watching it for a good 10 minutes and nothing seemed to happen, a few clouds lit up and that was pretty much it, next thing I know I wake up at 10:30 in the morning, with the sun completely beaming down on my head. After waking up I was thinking, Holy Sh... I'm dead... Well, not nearly, ha! I had realized I passed out on top of the parking garage. Stumbling around, needing to use the bathroom and my eyes completely shot because I fell asleep with contacts in I walked back to my dorm and passed out once again; this time in bed. I swear, nothing felt better than to transition from concrete ground to a spring mattress bed. Let me tell you how ecstatic that was, hmm....bed....

Alright, that was the story of my First Saturday out in College, exciting. I plan to have many more good Saba do stories to tell. KEEP READING FOR MY NEXT UPDATE! Who knows, I may pass out in the middle of a highway next time. No just kidding, but I'm sure it will be another funny story. Alright, time to update with Sunday's story... BACKTRACK if you haven't already and scroll up. Use the )TOP( button. Lata

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Car Problems = <3
08/28/04 7:05 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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HaHa!! Hmm, interesting... I asked my RA (Residence Assistance) Chris to give me a ride to my car so I could pick up some hangers to finish organizing my room. Turns out, when I supposably thought my car was out of Power Steering, it really ended up being the belts that were all jammed up. So after I invest 2 dollars in Power Steering Fluid and arrive at my car to load some up, that is not even the case. What had actually happened was my car would not run at all because the belts were jammed up and not working properly.

Final outcome? Broken down car. Whatever, I'm going to cancel the insurance on it and just let it sit out there because I do not need to drive it any time soon. That way I will still have the car for when I want to take it on road trips and what not. If all else fails, I'd just get a new car and trade this one in. Anyways, I ended up having to call a friend Avy, who is one of my neighbors in the dorm to give me a ride back to the Dorm. Fun stuff, thought I'd let you guys know that things are not looking well for me completing what I wanted to today. I plan to go out later tonight and have some fun, mwhaha. I love college, this is going to be freaking awesome.

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The first, actual update. Woah...
08/28/04 4:38 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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Well, today is Saturday and my Friday night was rockin'! Now I feel like doing nothing really and I'm going to enjoy that. Just like Stuart said I would do, which is so true. The only thing that I am going to accomplish today is completing some homework, finish another paper for English and actually clean my room today. Other than that, nothing much is going on. I feel perfectly fine, as I did sleep in until nearly 2 o' clock.

All I do have to say, is it feels damn good to post again online in a day to day journal. The coolest part about this website is it is truly my life in text. SO for those of you soon to become avid readers, if you haven't already... get ready to check the site several times a day for many posts. I plan to keep this journal all throughout college and even after that. So, this line goes for my crazy stalker, mwhahaha, be warned.

Some of you may cry, and others of you may laugh. There will indeed be good times as well as bad times, but for those of you who want to keep up to date; chazmaster.com is the way to roll.

Now being in college, I do not have much time to do a lot. Actually, let me re-phrase that, because that first sentence is incorrect. I spend the majority of my time socializing and playing pool. The other portion of my time is put forth towards sleep, school, eating and homework. Yes, all I have to say is college fucking rocks. I am glad I did chose to go the college route, as if I had choice, right guys? Ha!

For anyone who is reading this and is contemplating about going to a post secondary school or college, I highly recommend it. Not only has this first week been an awesome experience, I have met many new people and some conversations are very intellectual as well as intriguing. So for those of you lazy friends of mine who merely sit on your ass and play videos games while farting around on the internet spanking it every 15 minutes, GO TO SCHOOL!

Enough preaching for gods’ sake… The only thing you need to know about me is, half man, half amazing.

On that note I'm out, peace.

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Welcome to Chazmaster.com, my life in text.
08/25/04 2:40 PM - Submitted by Chaz

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This is primarily an experiment to make sure that the website is functioning and is viewable world wide. Well, to give everybody a succinct update, djlith.com has vanished; someone registered the domain while I was absent for the summer selling books. In short, this is a very minute update right now to make sure the site is ready to rock and roll.

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