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So what's new?
04/22/06 2:08 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Everytime I've felt like updating in the past month, I just haven't updated, for no particular reason. A lot has gone on though, seriously, a lot. This month has been the busiest month of school, important decisions were made, lots of stuff! So I don't know where I'm living yet for next year. That is the final thing to arrange before the summer gets here.

Last week I finished my UNVR class, that was exciting. My first 'A' lol. I knew I'd get it though, so no biggie. Fun class, and I ended up with two majors I want to pursue. Now I just have to raise the good ol' GPA a few points and I'll be able to declare and stop taking bulls**t classes. I'm stoked about that, finally feels like I have a purpose taking all these classes. :)

Hmm, so much has gone on that its hard to put it all into one update :( Writing about updating only makes the current update longer and I don't feel like that because I might not have access to a computer this summer. One thing I do know that is coming up is my birthday. Wooohooo. =) 20 years old, goodness.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah. ITG. So, after all semester of practicing and playing - I'm finally at a 14-17:1 fantastic to excellent ratio. What that means is I'm hitting scores that I didn't think I'd ever hit. So, there is a tournament in a few weeks for an XBox360 and I am going to go for first :P

The weather has been beautiful out here in Tucson lately. Perfect skies, clouds, a little bit of humidity with some cooler temperatures at night - which makes for great setting to look at the stars and stare at the moon. (Which has been looking pretty amazing lately too). The best thing about living here is the summer 'Monsoon' season. Wow. The rain and the way it works out here in the desert is just nuts. Anyone who has been here during the rainy season knows exactly what I'm talking about. Even during the semester when it rains - everyone loves it.

Alright, that's it for now. I'm off to 'pepper' with Jessie on the volleyball court. Lates. I'll update again in the next few days, :P THERE, YOU GOT IT.
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It's a great day to say hooray. Sup April.
04/05/06 9:59 PM - Submitted by Chaz

Okay so I am getting back into producing. I've got everything all set up for this new software, Logic pro 7.0. Click Here. The problem is... getting the software for a discounted price. I think maybe if I write some kind of a letter to Apple and see if I can get some kind of a deal going.

I really just want to sample the software and see if its worth 1,000 dollars because I have heard / read great things about it... just can't justify spending that much on some programmers code. :/ We'll see. That is about all the news there is with that. Expect to see some music posted up again here in the near future. That was the purpose of having my own website in the first place so might as well shoot for that again. There are a few songs that I have made in the past few years that no one has really heard. I'll upload em' and anyone who feels like giving feedback can feel free.

PRESENTATION TOMORROW! WOOO. Finally, the last thing in this UNVR class. Everything else is done and I'm stoked because it's 2 units of A for doing busy work. Also the other 2 units of A from the other UNVR class. Okay so those were my only two b.s. classes for the semester and I must say... I did learn quite a bit out of the major exploration class. Anyway. Everything is good right now and I like to keep it that way. So to all my homies and home girls. Peace out <2.
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